Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave: Steam Mop Comparison

If you are washing a floor, then one of the best tools that you can use is that of a steam mop. Steam mops are fantastic tools that make the job of washing your floor so much easier because they use the power of heat to loosen up all of the gunk and grime, and then from that, it’s significantly easier to mop that gunk and grime up, from off of the floor.

Bissell Crosswave Steam Mop

With a regular mop, you don’t have that much power. You can easily wipe up stains that haven’t been on that floor for very long and, along with that, you can also wipe up dirt and other little stains, as well as some gunk and grime. But, if you want to remove the gunk and grime that has been there for a longer period, then you are going to need to either scrub your floors, which is a long and intensive process that takes a lot of time and energy or to use a steam mop.

So, what a steam mop does is it takes water that you pour into the mop, heats it, and then this heating process produces steam. Steam is very hot, and when it is utilized, in a steam mop, it can easily remove the things that it moves over, loosening up the dirt and grime so that it is much easier to mop up.

Bissell Spinwave Steam Mop

Instead of needing to scrub and wash your floors vigorously, you can use a steam mop. Today, we’re going to be looking at two of the best steam mops that Bissell has produced. These are the Bissell Spinwave, and the Bissell Crosswave. You’re going to learn all about the unique features and attributes that they offer, as well as which one of these steam mops is the best one for you when it comes to fulfilling the floor cleaning needs that you have!

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What Does The Bissell Spinwave Steam Mop Offer?

When you take a look at the Bissell Spinwave, you’ll notice that it looks a lot like a regular mop, but the design is a bit sleeker and a bit more “futuristic” than a regular mop. More importantly, this mop has a very well-designed handle, and this handle does make it easy to move the steam mop around so that you aren’t having any difficulties or dealing with any annoyances when it comes to that aspect of using the steam mop.

Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave

On the bottom of the steam mop, there are two little sections. Each section has a steam mop pad underneath it, and this pad is used to conduct the heat so that you can then mop up your floors. You can pick up the steam mop and remove those pads, or place them on the space, and then you can use the steam mop.

Unlike many other steam mops, the pads that the Bissell Spinwave comes with are washable. You can reuse them, as long as you take the time to wash them and to remove the gunk and grime that has been lodged within them because if you don’t, it will just make your floors even dirtier.

Bissell Spinwave

To aid in the steam mopping process, Bissell has included some cleaning solution. Steam mops don’t need cleaning solution, and the Bissell Spinwave is no exception, but at the same time, if there is an especially dirty space on the floor, then this cleaning solution can be very useful.

As you are mopping your floors, the pads heat up and then use the steam to remove the gunk and grime. If you are using this cleaning solution, you can press a button to spray some on the area you want to mop.

To use the steam mop itself, plug it in, fill the water tank with water – and cleaning solution, if needed – and then you can start mopping your floors! It’s as simple as that.

If you want a steam mop that is powerful, efficient, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use, then you really can’t go wrong with the Bissell Spinwave, which is easily one of the best steam mops on the market!

Bissell Spinwave Review

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What Does The Bissell Crosswave Offer?

In terms of the price, the Bissell Crosswave is quite a bit more expensive than the Bissell Spinwave, and this is for one big reason, generally speaking. You see, the Bissell Crosswave isn’t just a steam mop, it’s also a vacuum cleaner. It is a two-in-one device, and you can use it for both purposes.

Bissell Crosswave vs Spinwave

Both the vacuuming and steam mopping features are fantastic. You aren’t going to have any issues using this steam mop/vacuum cleaner to clean your floors.

With the Bissell Crosswave, you can steam mop your floors, and vacuum, at the same time. Taking care of two tasks at once, and with the steam mop, you loosen up the dirt and gunk, and then you vacuum it all up.

Bissell Crosswave

Bissell has designed the Bissell Crosswave so that it is especially good at cleaning up after pets. As such, you can use the Bissell Crosswave’s vacuum feature to remove pet hair and then this pet hair goes through a strainer, which is attached to the dirty water tank, that allows you to dispose of it properly. As for the steam mop, it’s very good at removing the stains your pets leave behind.

Given the fact that the Bissell Crosswave has been designed as both a steam mop and a vacuum cleaner, it also has the versatility needed to accommodate both functions. You can use the steam mop on any hard surface – such as wood or marble or stone – and you can use the vacuum on any hard surface, as well. But, you can also use the vacuum cleaner function on carpets and rugs, and other soft surfaces. And, the vacuum is quite powerful, too, so the Bissell Crosswave is a two-in-one cleaning machine!

At the end of the day, if you want a cleaning machine that is both a steam mop, and vacuum cleaner, and you want a machine that does both of those things very well, then the Bissell Crosswave is an amazing choice!

Bissell Crosswave Review

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