Bissell Steam Mop 19404 Review

If you are on the market for a good steam mop, then the Bissell Steam Mop 19404 may just be for you. By reading this quick review, you will learn all there is to know about this steam mop, and whether or not it offers what you need. When you’re finished reading, you will know if this steam mop is the right steam mop for your needs.

Bissell 19404

Steam Mop Review

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Extremely Light & Mobile

To start off this review, one of the first things that you will notice about this steam mop is the fact that it’s very light and very mobile. It weighs only 6.2-pounds, which is lighter than most other steam mops and steam cleaning devices. To go along with that, though, the design is very clean and neat, making it easy for you to make use of what this steam mop offers.

Bissell 19404 Review
Bissell 19404

Since this steam mop weighs so little, it’s easy for you to move it across your floors. All it takes is you holding it in one hand, and gently pushing it across the floors that you need to clean. Even if you are steam mopping in tight or narrow spaces, this steam mop will work extremely well, since it is compact and lacking in weight.

Along with that, this lack of weight and heft makes it easy for you to store the steam mop. If you live in a smaller home, where free space is hard to find, then this is a great steam mop to purchase.

Useful Steam Settings

On the front of this steam mop, near the top of the handle, there are three steam levels that you can choose from. Each steam level has a picture right above it, and this picture gives you a general idea as to the amount of steam that each steam level corresponds to.

Bissell 19404 Mop
Bissell 19404

By having access to these three steam settings, you are able to tailor your steam mopping experience to the mopping needs that you have. If you need to use a lot of steam – perhaps, you are removing a stain that is especially dense – then you can use the highest steam setting. But, if you don’t need to use that much steam, and would rather conserve as much as possible, then you can choose one of the lower steam settings.

Multiple Mopping Pads

While using this steam mop, you will be relying on one of two different mop pads. Both of these mop pads come with the steam mop, and they are designed to be used and reused, over and over again.

As for what these two mop pads are, they are the washable soft mop pad and the washable scrubby mop pad.

With the washable soft mop pad, you have a mop pad that is designed for removing relatively light stains and messes. It gently moves across those stains and messes, breaking them down and eliminating them.

With the washable scrubby mop pad, you have a mop pad that is designed for intense and thorough scrubbing. If you are removing stains and messes that are especially dense, then this is the mop pad to use.

Just as the name of each mop pad implies, they are washable. When you are done using them, you can detach them from the steam mop, put them underneath the faucet, and rinse off the dirt and grime that’s on them. Then, after that, you can reuse them.

Very Useful Easy Scrubber

Right underneath the main body of this steam mop, there’s the mopping head. On this mopping head, you will set up whatever mopping pad you intend to use. But, there may be times when a mopping pad won’t be very useful.

Bissell 19404 Steam Mop
Bissell 19404

During those times, you can flip down the Easy Scrubber, which is on the mopping head. It is a large scrubbing tool that is designed for especially thick and dense stains and messes. It also works extremely well for dry pet stains and messes.

Included Fragrance Discs

In the box that this steam mop comes in, you’ll find a pack of Fragrance Discs. By using these Fragrance Discs, you are able to give your floors a nice scent. If they smell bad, these Fragrance Discs will clear that nasty smell up.

Conclusion: Excellent Steam Mop

In the end, the Bissell Steam Mop 19404 is an excellent steam mop. It offers a convenient and versatile design, excellent mopping pads, and plenty of excellent steam power. If that is what you need in a steam mop, then you should purchase this one.

Bissell 19404 Steam Mop Review

Bissell Steam Mop

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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