In the year 1901, the very first vacuum cleaner was invented. Two men were responsible for the first vacuum cleaner. Hubert Cecil Booth, and David T. Kenny.

Black+Decker HFEK620J 3-in-1 Upright Vacuum Review

If you go back and look at pictures of this first vacuum cleaner, you’ll notice that it is, by all accounts, a very crude device. It’s big and bulky. Using the vacuum cleaner would be a difficult process, and far from comfortable. And, of course, the efficiency, well, there wasn’t much of that.

Instead, the first vacuum cleaner was a rather flawed tool that wouldn’t seem to suggest any sort of latent potential, and many people would simply insist that the vacuum cleaner, while a compelling idea, has very little practical application.

That was over one century ago. Quite a bit has changed since then, and the vacuum cleaner industry is one of the biggest industries out there, when it comes to products that are designed to make it easier for you to clean your home.

Today, there are all kinds of different vacuum cleaners. You can find canister vacuums, wet-dry vacuums, and even robot vacuums that do all of the vacuuming for you, using sensors and basic Artificial Intelligence technology.

Black+Decker HFEK620J

Each one of these vacuum cleaners is great and all, but the most popular vacuum cleaner type is the upright vacuum cleaner. Upright vacuum cleaners were some of the first vacuum cleaners to become major commercial successes, and today, they are the most popular and most successful.

Most upright vacuum cleaners are rather big, somewhat bulky, tall and upright, and very powerful. People enjoy using upright vacuums because they are incredibly powerful, as well as affordable and inexpensive.

The thing is, the bulky and clunky design is something that a lot of people don’t enjoy dealing with. It makes it a lot harder to clean smaller spaces, or spaces that are a bit tighter. And, along with that, it can just be a little annoying having to push and lug the big device around.

Due to the developments in vacuum cleaning technology, and the various design trends that have come and gone, there is a new type of upright vacuum on the market. This upright vacuum blends the strong performance and efficiency of a traditional upright vacuum, with the lightweight and mobile nature of a stick vacuum.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the Black+Decker HFEK620J 3-In-1 Upright Vacuum. This is an upright vacuum that is lightweight and mobile. You’re going to learn all about the features it offers, and why this is a great vacuum!

Black+Decker HFEK620J Upright Vacuum

What Does The Black+Decker HFEK620J 3-In-1 Upright Vacuum Offer?

With a weight of just 7.8 pounds, the Black+Decker HFEK620J is not a heavy upright vacuum, at all. Due to this lightweight, you can easily hold the vacuum cleaner in one hand, moving it around with ease.

Part of the reason why you can do this is because the design is incredible. The handle has been ergonomically designed, so it feels good on your hands and it doesn’t create any discomfort or pain. Due to the lightweight nature of the vacuum itself, it’s not going to create any shoulder pains or discomfort, either, and you can move it with around with complete ease.

If you want to move it within a smaller and more compact space, you can easily do that, since it’s a small vacuum. If you want to use it to vacuum something on the ceiling, you can do that, too, since it’s such a lightweight vacuum. And, if you want to store it somewhere that’s a little smaller, that’s also something you can do.

Aesthetically, Black+Decker have given this vacuum a nice and pleasing aesthetic that looks futuristic, while also being sleek and simple. Emphasizing the main features and components of the vacuum.

When using the vacuum, you have access to thirty-five minutes of battery life. That’s not a lot, necessarily, but for a vacuum of this size and weight, it is a pretty decent amount of battery life. If you are using this vacuum in a space that is a little smaller, and not as big or as open, you will have an easier time. For a larger home or apartment, it’s going to be a little more difficult to properly clean your home, using the short period of battery-life that you are given.

Black+Decker HFEK620J

Part of the reason why this is considered a “3-In-1” vacuum cleaner is because you can use this vacuum to clean rugs/carpets, tile floors, and hardwood floors. You can clean those floors in an efficient and productive manner, with a tremendous amount of ease. And, you can also use this vacuum to clean other types of flooring, too. But, the thing about that is that it’s not as efficient, when doing that, so you might have some difficulties properly cleaning those types of flooring, since the motor and the floor head haven’t been designed with those specific capabilities in mind.

As you are cleaning, all of the dirt, dust, and debris that you vacuum up flows through, into the dust bin. This dust bin can hold .5 liters, and it’s a smaller dust bin, but one that is incredibly easy to dump out and wash. Just press the button, detach it, release the contents into the trash, wipe it out with a wet rag if needed, and then put it back in.

It’s as simple as that. And, in the end, that simplicity is what defines the Black+Decker HFEK620J, it’s a simple vacuum that is easy to use and very efficient when it comes to cleaning hardwood, tile, and rug/carpeted surfaces.

To aid in the cleaning process, you can use a little crevice tool that Black+Decker has provided. It’s a small crevice tool that is very useful for going into those tight little corners and crevices, and removing the dirt and dust within those small spaces.

Black+Decker HFEK620J 3-in-1 Upright Vacuum Review


Ultimately, the Black+Decker HFEK620J 3-In-1 Upright Vacuum is a fantastic vacuum that is inexpensive, simple and easy-to-use, and very powerful. But, if you need something a bit more versatile, when it comes to the surfaces you can clean, this may not be the wisest choice.

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