Black+Decker Kitchen Wand Review BCKM1016KS06

BLACK+DECKER is a brand that has been around for over 100 years. BLACK+DECKER has been working hard for the last century to provide quality gadgets worldwide. In today’s world, it’s a staple to have almost every kitchen gadget. You never know when you’re going to need it right? After purchasing the BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand, this is what I had to say about the hand blender.

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BLACK+DECKER Kitchen Wand BCKM1016KS06

The BLACK+DECKER kitchen wand is a game changer and one of the most useful kitchen gadgets you’re going to find on the market. The device is a six-in-one product offering the ability to use the wand as a can opener, salt, and pepper grinder, whisk, bottle opener, blender, and milk frother.

The design is small and compact with a modern look. It only comes in grey and does not come in a variety of different colors. The bottom of the Kitchen wand is also equipped with a motor for the different purposes that require a motor. The product has several pieces and even comes with individual cases for the tools that come with the wand.

Additional Accessories

It also comes with a charging plug for the device, a pan guard, and a measure and blends cup. It even has the ability to show you how much power is left with a small LED battery icon showing battery availability.

The kitchen wand is very easy to use and easy to take each tool on and off. Each and every tool provided works well however, this device does not have the ability to set the speed at which the tools work. For example, for blending, whisking is at a set speed and cannot be changed so if this is important to you, then this may not be the right-Hand Blenders for you.


The tool works solely on rechargeable batteries. This is a plus for a few reasons. Not only will you save money on buying batteries but it’s also more environmentally friendly.

The BLACK+DECKER Kitchen Wand is a little on the pricey side but is worth the price for the quality and all the pieces that come with the Wand. this product can easily last 5 years.

The hand blender works very well and is made of solid materials which make this wand durable, making it last a long time. This is a great hand blender for anyone who enjoys cooking or who would like to make their life easier in the kitchen. The wand offers the ability to use several tools in one and works very well.

Black+Decker BCKM1016KS06 Conclusion

In Conclusion, the BLACK+DECKER Six-In-One Kitchen Wand is a very useful immersion blender that I highly recommend. The Wand has the ability to be used as six of the most common kitchen gadgets and is small and compact.

The pieces can be easily stored and come with their own storage compartments. Although considered pricey by some, This is the perfect gadget for someone who lives in a small apartment or house with limited kitchen space or those who enjoy a more convenient cooking experience.

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