Blueair Pure Fan Auto Review

For a great purifying room fan, the Blueair Pure Fan Auto is one of the best purchases you can make. By reading this review, you will learn what makes this purifying room fan so special, and whether or not the device offers what you need.

Blueair Pure Fan Auto Review

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A Uniquely Comfortable Design

Right away, the first thing you will notice about this purifying room fan is its design.

The design is, if nothing else, simple.

You won’t find any sign of excess or bloat.

Rather, the entire device is simple, clean, and streamlined.

The simplicity of this device is, in the end, a large part of what makes this device so convenient and so useful.

Every single feature and function is outlined and delineated with precision and clarity.

You won’t be confused or uncertain as to what does what, or how you can use this fan.

Furthermore, there’s a comfortable handle on top of this fan. Just grab the handle, and you can move the fan with ease.

The handle goes well with the compact size of the fan.

Due to the size, as well as the handle, you can move this fan from space to space, without any problems or issues.


For you to use this purifying room fan, you can select “Auto Mode” with the included remote control.

By selecting “Auto Mode”, the purifying room fan will begin sensing the current air quality in the space the fan is currently residing in.

All of this data will come together to create an accurate Air Quality Index measurement. From this measurement, this purifying room fan will adjust itself to accommodate the current air quality.

Since these sensors, and automatic features, are in-place, the entire air purifying process is, to some extent, almost completely-hands off.

For convenience, you cannot go wrong with this purifying room fan.

Strong Purification

Every drop of air that flows into this purifying room fan flows through a HEPASilent Filter.

The HEPASilent Filter relies on two types of filtration technology; electrostatic filtration, as well as mechanical filter.

Both of these technologies culminate in a thorough, and speedy, air purification process.

All of the dust, pollen, and pet dander flowing through the HEPASilent Filter will be removed.

All of the air flowing out of this fan, and into your space, will be free of those contaminants.

Since this filter isn’t particularly elaborate, it may not be a great choice for those dealing with serious germ or allergy problems.

For those who want air that’s a little bit cleaner, though, this purifying room fan is a fantastic choice.

Pleasant Fan Experience

The fan that makes this purifying room fan a purifying room fan is truly excellent.

A combination of strong blades and a speedy motor ensure that air flows towards you, and into your space, with swiftness and convenience.

Every drop of air that flows into this fan will pass through a filtration system.

Right after doing that, the same drops of air will flow into your space, as clean as they can possibly be.

Quiet; Low-Energy

Many purifying room fans are fairly loud.

Just as the name of this section implies, though, this fan is very quiet.

So quiet, in fact, that you may not even hear it while the fan is blasting air across your space and purifying incoming air.

To go along with that, this air purifier also uses very little energy.

You can run the fan for long periods of time, and you won’t see even a minor dent on your electricity bill.

Conclusion: A Convenient & Efficient Purifying Room Fan

In the end, if you want a convenient and efficient purifying room fan, the Blueair Pure Fan Auto is a wonderful choice.

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