Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Floor Polisher Review

Sometimes it takes more than a quick vacuuming or mopping session to clean up days or weeks’ worth of dirt that gets trodden into your carpets and hard floors. It can be an eyesore too, especially when stains start to appear more prominent.

Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Floor Polisher

It’s at times like these when only a floor scrubber will work its magic and leave your floors gleaming and spotless, and we’ve got just the scrubber for you.

The Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Floor Polisher will clean your home, garage, office or car without you having to break a sweat, so if you’re interested in learning exactly how, keep on reading.

Let’s get right to it.

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The Basics

One of the best things about the Boss scrubber is that it’s extremely lightweight. At just 7lbs, you won’t believe the power that this scrubber has. Anyone can use it, even those of us who find it difficult to lift vacuum cleaners or other mechanical devices we have around the home.

Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752
Boss B200752

Adding to the Boss’s ease of use are its dimensions, which measure in at 15 x 11 x 11 inches. So not only is the Boss lightweight and manoeuvrable, it’ll also fit perfectly in your hands, making scrubbing your floors simpler, and turning it into light work. A much better scenario than having to get down and scrub the stains out manually, we think you’ll agree.

You don’t have to worry about plugging in and unplugging your Boss scrubber as soon as you find a new room to clean either, as it comes with a handy, extra-long wire cord of 18 inches. That means that you can use it all over your home or office space easily, saving you plenty of time that could be better spend elsewhere.

What can the Boss Scrubber do for me?

This tiny but mighty scrubber has been created specifically for dealing with all types of floors, whether they’re stone, concrete, wood, tile or even carpet. That makes it a fantastic multi-purpose scrubber that can be used in almost any situation, and certainly in any room in the house.

Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752Review
Boss B200752

Need to clean your car’s floors? That’s no problem either because of just how light and manoeuvrable it is, and due to the length of its cord. You’ll be amazed at just how many floors this scrubber can take on.

How does it work?

Whether it’s trodden in mud you’re dealing with, or other stains that leave your floors filthy, they’re no match for the Boss.

On carpets

With its rotating twin scrubbing brushes, you’ll find the Boss scrubs deep down into the fibres of your carpets, and works out the dirt quickly and powerfully. Stains don’t stand a chance anymore.

By using the Boss scrubber in conjunction with its special cleaning solution, dirt will be broken down and separated before being expertly scrubbed away by the sheer force of its scrubbing brushes, making this Boss scrubber even more perfect for the job.

Hard floors

If you’ve got grease, dirt or oily patches on your hard floors, fear not, because the Boss Scrubber easily buffs them away when used with its special cleaning solution. Even grouted edges can be polished back to perfection once you’ve cleaned them with this fantastic scrubber.

Boss B200752
Boss B200752

Are there any extras?

Your Boss scrubber comes with two microfiber pads, which can be used to buff and polish your floors back to their original shine once the dirt has been swept away. These pads are so good because they will easily pick up all liquid, dust, grime, grease and dirt and store them until you’ve finished cleaning.

They’re easy to clean too; simply throw them into the laundry basket and wash amongst your clothes or, if they’re not too dirty after use, wash them with warm soapy water to get the excess off and simply leave to dry.


When you buy the Boss scrubber, you save yourself potentially hundreds of dollars on cleaning supplies for all your different types of flooring, which is what makes this handy and durable machine worth every cent.

So, if you’ve got all sorts of floors that need a deep clean or a quick pick-me-up, get your hands on the Boss scrubber now, and watch as all your dirty, greasy floors are easily swept, scrubbed and buffed, leaving behind those beautiful clean floors you knew you had all along.

Boss B200752 Floor Polisher

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