Calphalon Temp iQ vs Breville Bambino Plus

How do you like your coffee in the morning?
If you are trying to cut back on pricy coffee’s bought at the local coffee shop or maybe even Starbucks, you may also be thinking about buying a coffee machine. But with so many on the market where do you start?

Let’s compare just two on the market right now, available to buy in multiple online and offline shops.

Compare the Coffee
The Temp iQ is less expensive to start things off, but only by a small, marginal amount. Both are fairly priced within the coffee machine market and not unaffordable by any means. The price range could easily fit into anyone’s budget or if your families buy lavish gifts for the holidays, you could put one of these on your list.

The Temp iQ has a dial interface where you can specify if you want steam or hot water and has a pre-programmed setting for one or two shots of expresso. Surely two shots are for the real coffee lovers?

A two-litre reservoir water tank which is easily accessible to remove and put back together when you are changing the water. A milk steaming wand for all your frothing needs and lastly a cup warming tray.

A cup warming tray to make your early morning coffee that little bit more luxurious and to make the mornings that little less unbearable.
This fancy little machine also comes with a stainless-steel milk pitcher, but you’ll have to buy posh latte mugs yourself.

The Bambino is slightly more expensive and does more or less the same as the Temp iQ except no warming tray and no milk pitcher. However, the Bambino does have different temperature settings for the milk with a digital temperature control. So, if you like your coffee super-hot, maybe this model would churn out the right temperature for your taste.

Don’t worry there is still a milk steaming wand with the Bambino too, the froth is an important part of coffee art as we all know.
Both of these coffee machines have reusable filters which means you don’t have to fork out for new ones all the time. Bonus.
Should you buy it?

If you love coffee and spend a large amount of money, you’d rather not admit to on buying coffees from shops, carts, and vending machines, one of these machines will be worth it to you.

Equally if your kitchen is in need of an upgrade and looking a little bare, that would be another reason to buy one of these machines.
Or if you simply just want to keep up with the Jones’, you don’t need a reason to buy one of these with their affordable price tag.
Getting down to the specifics though, if you like your coffee ground, medium to rich roast, hot and frothy. This is most definitely for you. And if you want your mug warm, I don’t need to tell you which one to choose.

Social media guide to coffee
The social media gurus of Reddit, Instagram and Twitter have a few tips though.

The Temp iQ two shot setting is more like one and half. Disappointing but not something that can’t be fixed by making two one-shot coffees instead. If you’re in it for the free milk pitcher, this issue won’t be the deal breaker.

The Bambino has a lot of positive comments around it, but its downgrade model seems just as good. It may come down to looks and this Bambino Machine is champagne in color and offers a stylish finish to it. If you are looking for something elegant to add to your kitchen this may be the one for you.

Most social media influencers express once you have a coffee machine whatever the make, you won’t go back to what you were doing before. Instant coffee is out, and coffee machines are in. The outlay of finances may be a shock to the system at first but the savings on shop bought coffee is worth it, not only for the money you’ll save but for the environment you’ll help to sustain by not buying disposable cups.
Coffee machines have various settings which means you’ll be able to test run flavors and find your new favorite with ease.
Any last words?

If you are considering either of these machines, it seems the decision may come down to what looks best in your kitchen. With similar prices, similar features, and the same exciting milk steamer. You can’t make a bad decision.

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