Carpet Prices: Carpet and Installation Cost Calculator

If you would like to get a carpet installed, but aren’t sure how much it will cost, then you’re at the right place. By reading through this guide, you are going to learn all about how much a carpet installation usually costs, based on a few metrics, as well as the best way to determine how much carpet you need and what kind of carpeting you need.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Carpet?

The exact answer to that question depends on a couple of different variables. For some people, they should expect to pay thousands-of-dollars. But, for other people, they may spend far less than that.

More often than not, the biggest expense isn’t the installation of the carpet, or even the material that the carpet is made of, but how much of it there is. If only one-single room is going to be carpeted, for example, then the price will be very low. Even if that single room is going to have a beautiful and extremely durable carpet, the price will still be much lower than if several other rooms are going to be carpeted.

Of course, while size is very important, that’s not the only factor to consider. Every carpet tends to be a little different, in terms of durability and overall quality. The more money you spend, the greater quality and durability the carpet you install will possess. If you spend a lot of money, then the carpet you receive will last you longer and, generally speaking, be prettier. But, if you spend less money, then you will receive a carpet that isn’t quite as durable and, probably, not as pretty as it could be.

So, What Kind Of Prices Should You Expect?

While the exact prices will differ, they won’t differ by very much. These prices are estimates that will give you an idea as to how much you will be paying, roughly, for the installation of your new carpet based on certain factors.

For a one-room carpeting job – 250 square-feet, more or less – with a standard carpet – simple, not super durable, but nice enough – you will probably end up paying $500. For that same one-room carpeting job, with a more durable carpet, you will likely end up paying $1,000. For a one-room carpeting job that consists of installing the best type of carpeting that you can buy, a price of around $1,750 should be expected.

If you own a small house – six-hundred square-feet, give or take – and want a standard carpet, you’ll probably end up paying $1,200. If you are looking for a more durable carpet, a price of $2,400 is quite standard. If you are looking for an extremely durable carpet that goes above and beyond the previous ones, then the price should be around $4,200.

For large houses – around two-thousand square-feet, more or less – that need a standard carpet, the price should be around $4,000. For large houses that need a durable and prettier carpet, but not the best of the best, $8,000 is around the price that you’ll be paying. For a carpet that is truly the best of the best, you’ll end up paying around $14,000.

How Can You Determine The Amount Of Carpet That You Need?

To determine the amount of carpet that you need, there’s a very simple process that you can follow. For you to begin this process, you must first determine which rooms will be carpeted. Right after you’ve made that decision, you will then need to measure the length and width of each room – make sure to write down the measurements.

Take those measurements, and multiply them. By doing that, you will know the total square-footage of each individual room that needs to be carpeted. And then, once you’ve done that for every room, you can add those measurements together. That will be the total amount of square-feet that needs to be carpeted. To finish the process, multiply that number by 1.10, and you will know the exact amount of carpeting that you need.

With that measurement, you will then be able to determine the kind of carpeting that you need. There are many different kinds of carpeting that you can work with, but as a general rule, nylon, wool, and polyester are the most durable materials.


Installing a carpet can be tricky, especially if you aren’t sure what you need or how much it will cost. But, by using this guide and considering the information that we’ve outlined, you won’t have any problems determining the total costs and how much carpeting you need.


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