Cielo Breez Review: Smart Air Conditioning Controller

In this review, we’re looking at the Cielo Breez Smart Air Conditioner Controller. This is a really handy device that has a bunch of great features. Features that make using your air conditioner a – please, pardon the pun – breeze!

Now, before we get into the device itself and what it offers, let’s first define what a smart air conditioner controller is.

Then, after that, we’ll look at the features that make the Cielo Breez a truly great device.

Cielo Breez Review

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What Is A Smart Air Conditioner Controller?

As you probably already know, most air conditioners are pretty basic devices. They’re great to have, and they tend to work very well, but they don’t really have much in the way of functionality.

The only way to use one is by accessing the little remote that, hopefully, the air conditioner came with. Sometimes, with older models, you have to actually go up to the unit and press buttons.

With a smart air conditioner controller, you can now access your air conditioner, and its respective features, using modern devices such as smartphones and smart home tools such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. You also have access to all of the data that the air conditioner is putting out. Data related to temperatures and energy usage. Along with that, you can now use that data to create things like schedules and energy plans.

For many people, smart air conditioner controllers are great because they enable you to use less energy, to save money, and to have greater control over the device itself. In many ways, they are simply a more specific form of smart home technology, that is intended for air conditioners specifically.

Cielo Breez Smart Air Conditioning Controller

What Kinds Of Features Does The Cielo Breez Offer?

Let’s get this out of the way. More often than not, it seems like a lot of smart home tools and accessories are a bit of a pain to install. Sure, the conveniences they offer after you install them are great, but before that, not so much.

Fortunately, the Cielo Breez is easy to install. You just need to place it within range of your air conditioner, and then you need to install the “Cielo Home” app for your smartphone or smart home device. Press a few more buttons, configure what you want to configure, and that’s that!

Using the remote, you have complete control over your air conditioner. The same goes for your smartphone and your smart home device.

Using IR signals, the Cielo Breez connects to your air conditioner. Then, the Cielo Breez connects to your Wi-Fi router and emits a series of signals. These signals enable you to control the Cielo Breez, wherever you are, as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

You don’t need to be within a certain range to use your air conditioner. Instead, all you need is yo have a Wi-Fi connection!

Cielo Breez Smart Air Conditioning Controller Review

Smartphone Functionality

Using your smartphone, you can control the temperature, as well as when the air conditioner is being used. You can use the scheduling features to set it up on a daily and even weekly basis as well as telling the air conditioner to turn on when there is a certain level of heat or any other temperature.

Same goes for energy usage. Due to the myriad of energy usage settings, you can set the Cielo Breez to tell your air conditioner to turn off, or to go to a different temperature, so that it doesn’t use too much electricity. This makes it very easy for you to save money on your electricity bill.

If you don’t want to use your smartphone, you can do all of these things using a smart home device. Simply give a voice command – and you’ll learn what those are when you get the device – and then the Cielo Breez will execute your command.

There is one thing that must be mentioned, though. While the Cielo Breez is compatible with most modern air conditioners – keyword being “modern” – that’s only if your air conditioner has a remote that comes with some kind of display. Specifically, an LCD.

If you don’t know if your air conditioner is compatible, the Cielo Breez has a wonderful support team, as well as a fantastic website, that will be able to tell you if it is, or is not, compatible.


The Cielo Breez is a great device that is affordable and very efficient. It’s highly recommended, but make sure that it is compatible with your air conditioner before you buy the device.

Cielo Breez Controller

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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