In today’s robot vacuum market, there is a trend that is slowly, but surely, rising. This trend is robot vacuums that come with mopping systems.

While these types of cleaners haven’t been around for very long, more and more brands are starting to manufacture these types of cleaners.

CISNO Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping System Review

It’s easy to see why, too. Ultimately, the main reasons robot vacuums became so popular is the fact that they offer an unparalleled level of convenience. No other vacuum allows you to automate the entire vacuuming process.

Likewise, no other type of cleaner allows you to automate the process of mopping. When you combine the two, you get a product that is, essentially, the peak of convenience.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the CISNO robot vacuum cleaner with mopping system. Now, CISNO isn’t the most popular brand, but rest assured, they have made an excellent cleaner.

Before we get into the product itself, though, we need to talk about why you should purchase this type of cleaner.

CISNO Robot Vacuum Review

So, Why Should I Purchase A Robot Vacuum That Comes With A Mop?

Chances are, you live a busy life. That’s normal. Most of us do. With the advent of new technologies – The Internet being one very notable recent development – more and more people are finding themselves in a state of busyness and perpetual connectivity.

As you might imagine, this leaves less and less time for the basic chores to be completed. Things like vacuuming and mopping take time and effort. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time for these tasks to be completed. Along with that, hiring a maid isn’t always the most financially feasible option.

Robot vacuums enable you to automate the cleaning process. If they have a mop, then they enable you to automate the cleaning process on a deeper and more efficient level.

You should purchase a robot vacuum due to the convenience, flexibility, and freedom it gives you. When you automate those basic tasks, you have a lot more time to focus on what you want to do.

CISNO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What Are The Features Of This Robot Vacuum/Mop?

Let’s start with the battery. The CISNO robot vacuum cleaner uses a lithium-ion battery. A high-capacity one, to be exact.

For 100 minutes, you can use this robot vacuum without needing to send it back to the charging bay. During those one-hundred minutes, the vacuum can easily clean – both vacuuming and mopping – up to 1000 square feet.

As for the kinds of floor-types that the device works on, it’s quite varied. You can easily clean floor types such as hardwood flooring, tiles, and laminate. Carpeting is also an option, too. Small-pile to medium-pile are the two that work best, but thicker carpets work too. Just not as well.

You have access to four distinct cleaning modes.

– Smart Cleaning
– Edge Cleaning
– Spot Cleaning
– Single-Room Cleaning.

Most of these are pretty easy to figure out. Edge Cleaning refers to focusing on specific edges in any one room whereas Spot Cleaning refers to a more thorough cleaning of a specific spot in a room or even a section of a space.

For vacuuming, you have a suction system that offers 1300Pa of sheer power. It uses a brushless motor, which helps to prevent against tangles. Picking up things like fur, hair, dust, and even debris such as cat litter is all very easy. You also have the option to adjust the suction power to one of two options, Quiet, or Strong.


For mopping, there is a 180-milliliter water tank that also includes two small microfiber pads. One pad is for dry mopping. The other pad is for wet mopping. In terms of mopping, this device really excels when it comes to thoroughly cleaning up liquids.

All of the dirt, dust, and debris goes into a 600-milliliter dustbin. Before it goes into that dustbin, though, it goes through a HEPA filter. This filter is great for eliminating allergens and smaller particles that, while relatively minuscule, can be very annoying because they trigger allergies.

To top it off, you can access all of these basic and simple features using Amazon Echo, Google Home, or your smartphone. Whether you intend to create a thorough schedule or to switch cleaning modes, you have access to all of the devices main features.

Is This The Right Vacuum/Mop For Me?

With this robot vacuum/mop, you are getting an excellent device. If you want all of the basics, mixed with all of the great extras that these devices can come with, then the CISNO robot vacuum cleaner with mopping system is absolutely the right one for you!

CISNO Robotic Vacuum

Well, that’s it for this CISNO Robot Vacuum Review. We hope you found it helpful!

If you’re still having trouble deciding the Robot Vacuum that’s best for you see our full guide on robot vacuums here.

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