Today, we’re going to be comparing two canister vacuums, both of which come directly from Miele. We’re going to look at the Miele Classic C1, and the Miele Complete C2. Now, both of these vacuums come from the same product line – the “C” product line – and there aren’t too many differences between the two of them.

However, there are enough differences to warrant a comparison. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which of these canister vacuums is the best one for you.

Now, let’s dive right into the Miele Classic C1!

Classic C1 vs Complete C2

Miele Classic C1

The Miele Classic C1

Immediately, you’re going to notice that the Miele Classic C1 weighs a total of 16 pounds. Compared to other canister vacuums, this is a bit heavier, but not by much. You won’t have any problems moving it around or storing the C1, even if it is a little hefty.

Miele Classic C1

You’ll also notice the design and aesthetic, which is simple and not particularly pleasing. However, it’s very clear, and you won’t have any difficulties figuring out what each component and button does.

The motor is a classic “Vortex Motor” that Miele has been making for some time now. This one runs at 1,200 watts, which is quite powerful. Using this motor, you can suck up just about anything, due to the incredibly powerful suction that this motor provides.

On top of the vacuum, there is a small dial. This is the “Suction Control” dial, and it lets you choose from six different suction settings. From “Minimum” to “Maximum”.

To use the vacuum, you can choose between two different floorheads. The first one is the “Pure Suction Combination Floorhead”. This floorhead works great on both hard floors – such as those made of hardwood, for example – as well as carpeting, assuming it is low-pile and not too high or dense. While using this floorhead, you can press a switch with your foot, and you can switch from hard flooring, to carpet flooring, and vice versa.

Then, the second floorhead is the “Pure Suction Parquet Floorhead”. This particular floorhead is designed for hard floors, and hard floors only. On the floorhead, there are many small bristles that are soft, yet solid, and this allows the floorhead to glide across your floor. The inlet is quite large, too, so you can suck up bigger pieces of debris.

Ultimately, the Miele Classic C1 is a great Canister Vacuum. Powerful, versatile, and affordable, you can’t go wrong with the Miele Classic C1, if you want something that is basic, but powerful.

Miele Classic C1 Canister Vacuum

The Miele Complete C2

There are a couple of distinct similarities between the Miele Complete C2, and the Miele Classic C1.

One of the most notable similarities is the fact that they both offer 1,200 watts of pure motor power. You can change the suction speed that is being used, at any time, using a six-setting dial, just like the Miele Classic C1.

Miele Complete C2

The floorheads are similar, but a little different. You have the “Miele SBB400-3 Parquet Twister XL Floor Brush”, which is quite small, but very versatile, Using this one, you can go underneath furniture, around chairs, and clean within small and narrow spaces, with a tremendous amount of ease.

Then, there is the “Miele SBD285-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool”. This is designed for both rugs, and hard floors. And it is very similar to the “Pure Suction Combination Floorhead”, found in the Miele Classic C1.

Other than those aspects, though, the two canister vacuums are very similar. There aren’t too many distinct differences between the two.

However, the main thing that separates the Miele Classic C1 and the Miele Complete C2 isn’t so much a feature, as it is a design philosophy.

While the Miele Classic C1 is quite flexible, the main design tenet of the Miele Complete C2 was flexibility. And as such, you can move the Miele Complete C2 in much more flexible ways, and it is a lot easier to clean smaller and more narrow spaces with the Miele Complete C2, than it is with the Miele Classic C1.

Miele Complete C2 Canister Vacuum

So, Which One Should I Buy?

In terms of power, they are both very similar. They have similar power levels, overall, and there really isn’t any difference between the two, in that aspect.

Instead, the big difference is flexibility. The Miele Classic C1 is flexible, but not as flexible as the Miele Complete C2.

Complete C2 vs Classic C1

Miele Complete C2

So, if you want flexibility, and power, then you should go with the Miele Complete C2. If you aren’t as concerned with flexibility and versatility, then the Miele Classic C1 is great!

Overall Recommended Canister Vacuums
Best of the Best! Budget Option Also Great
Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2) ureka NEN110A Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Miele Electro+ Eureka NEN110A Miele Classic C1
 • Hard Floor / Carpet
 • Filterbag
 • 18.7 lbs
 • HEPA Filtration
 • Hard Floor
 • Bagless
 • 8.3 lbs
 • -
 • Hard Floor / Low-Pile Carpet
 • Filterbag
 • 11.4 lbs
 • -

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