Clorox Air Purifier Review

They’ve mastered the bathroom space, but can the Clorox brand clean your air space too?

We all know and trust the name Clorox when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces, but now this household name brand has branched out into disinfecting air space. Will the company have to rely on its well-known name to make sales or will the new product speak for itself?

Clorox-branded air purifiers offer three different-sized models each, with a different size room in mind. This review will focus on the Large Room model 11010 purifier. This classically designed tower-style body is 12.25 x 12.38 x 23.19 inches and weighs about 11.5 pounds. This particular model offers four speeds and a timer for up to 8 hours.

Clorox boasts the unit can perform five air replacements per hour when used in a 320 sq. foot. room, however, the large model can be used for a room upwards of 1500 sq. feet. They claim to remove 99.9% of air pollutants with their quality HEPA filter.

One unique benefit of this brand purifier is its touch display screen offers a numeric display and a color-coded LED on the front of the device depicting air quality from green (good) to purple (hazardous). Along with this display, Clorox offers an “auto” mode allowing the machine to detect air quality and change speeds as needed.

Many online forums such as Reddit or Facebook marketplace discuss the advertisement of “whisper quiet” that Clorox claims. While “whisper” may be an exaggeration most agree the purifier is by no means loud. Another benefit ( although not deal-breaking) this brand offers is its unwrapped filter. Clorox brand comes ready to use with no need to unwrap and assemble- a plus for you and the environment.

One downside is the price. While the unit itself won’t break the bank, keeping up with the filters might. With the recommended use of 6-12 months buying these expensive filters may add up ( particularly if your filter usage is closer to the 6-month range). When referencing the price of the filters compared to the device itself one customer commented “That’s 40% of the cost of the machine in filters in one year– eek!

One last complaint would be the big eye sore of a logo Clorox slapped onto the center of their otherwise sleek-looking model. With the size already on a larger scale, this model would stand out and not “blend in” with furniture.

All in all this air purifier appears to live up to the “Clorox clean promise” With no setup time, easy-to-use features, and a quiet performance it seems reasonable to ask for a little extra cash once or twice a year for filters. The number of pros found seems to outweigh the cons. At the end of the day, you have the facts and the choice is ultimately up to you, but we can definitely say the Clorox brand is no longer just for hard surfaces.

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