COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher Review

When it comes to dishwashers, I generally don’t give them much thought as long as they serve their intended purpose. The only type I knew was the standard, built-in model. I was blissfully unaware of countertop dishwashers. until recently. And now, I think I may want one. COMFEE’, what have you done to me??

A countertop dishwasher is exactly what it says – a dishwasher that sits on the counter, or even in a cupboard. It’s perfect for dorms, tiny houses, RVs; basically anywhere that a standard dishwasher would be inconvenient (or impossible to fit, as the case may be). Let’s talk about what makes this one in particular top my Christmas list. Hint, hint.

Size and weight
This little marvel is 20.6" deep by 21.6" wide by 17.2"high. Roughly the size of a microwave oven. Make sure you don’t mistake one for the other, or dinner will be served with a side of soap suds. It fits easily on most countertops, hence the name. It weighs roughly 46 lbs, which sounds much lighter than my microwave (I’m convinced it weighs a literal ton – or maybe I just need to work out more).

But don’t let it’s small size fool you! The COMFEE’ can hold up to 70 (count ‘em, 70) pieces of tableware, and will accommodate plates up to 10” in diameter. Some reviewers mention that they can fit plates a bit larger than 10”, which is an added plus. So while it won’t hold my ginormous cookie sheets, it will graciously clean dinner dishes for me and a couple of friends. Fair enough.

The COMFEE’ boasts simple installation, including the option to simply connect it to your faucet line (special accessories not included). According to several reviews, finding the correct accessories in stores and attempting to install it can be a lengthy and disappointing process, and some types of faucets were not adaptable. Although overall, there were more positive reviews that mentioned installation being a snap – but the additional steps (with varying degrees of difficulty) may be a deal breaker for those of us who aren’t Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.

Most dishwashers have various settings to customize the process, and this one is no exception. The COMFEE’ features 8 different cycles for all of your dishwashing needs including, but not limited to: Normal, Heavy, Baby Care, ECO, Speed and Glass. Pretty sure this is more than my current built-in model and I’m pretty disappointed.

Additional stars for being Energy Star compliant! This countertop wonder can lower water usage to only 2.77
gallons! Which is definitely better than my built-in model.

To buy or not to buy?
The COMFEE’ would be an excellent pick for those who need a dishwasher but are also low on space. If they’re confident with the installation process, all the better! The main issues reported numerous times in reviews were: dishwashing tabs don’t dissolve; some units were defective or refurbished (without disclosing this at purchase) and the included accessory to connect it to the faucet is not compatible with modern faucets (!?). When buying directly from COMFEE’, they do offer a warrantee. My humble advice would be to always order direct – and give this one a try!

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