COSORI Pro vs COSORI Pro Smart Air Fryer

If you like to cook in the kitchen and are always looking for ways to make your experience easier or faster, this article might be for you! It seems the kitchen world is always coming up with new and inventive ways to make your favourite dishes from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will be looking at the differences between COSORI Pro and the COSORI Pro Smart Air Fryer.

What is so special about the COSORI Pro?

This large cooker is easy to use and incorporates modern technocology into the operations of this product. With the NTC sensors, this product is able to automatically adjust cooking temps and speeds, which makes your job even easier! There are thirteen different functions to choose from, which allows your cooking skills to be enhanced and your food thoroughly enjoyable. With the ability to cook your food up to 50% faster than more conventional ways, using this air fryer can give the same crispy taste to fried foods, while using up to 85% less oil. Not only is it faster, it is also more healthy for you.

With a removable tray, you will also have the amazing advantage of mess free cooking! Use the COSORI parchment paper liners for easy clean up on those especially busy evenings. The reviews rave about the ease of use that this appliance has, as well as how easy it is to clean.

Moving on, we will have a look at the COSORI Pro Smart Air Fryer

Using all the latest technologies, this air fryer has the ability to connect to wifi, allowing you to control the product from your phone. Put your food in, leave the house and just start the cooking process from wherever you are, so that it is perfect for your arrival home! This is a great bonus when comparing air fryers that are available. Using this feature, you are also able to check on the progress of your food, allowing less time to be spent in the kitchen. Now you can actually enjoy the TV program, or hang out in the backyard as your food is cooked. This product can also be connected to a voice assistance, which allows you to be hands free while using this air fryer.

What more can you want from a kitchen appliance? While the reviews are varied for the touch screen, it seems like most people found these smart abilities to be a helpful hand while cooking. Lots of reviews shared how easy it is to use, and what a great addition it is to their kitchen. As with anything electrical, there will always be the occasional machine that doesn’t work as well as we would like. But overall, this appliance has raving reviews from people who have actually used it.

Just like the COSORI Pro, this air fryer also comes with a dishwasher safe, removable basket, which you can purchase mess free liners for.

What do you cook in an air fryer?

You may be wondering what people use air fryers for and what use they have in the kitchen. There are a growing number of recipes that are available for both of these products. Air fryers are becoming more and more common and as always in the kitchen, the creativity is endless with different appliances, including air fryers. Create your own recipe, or choose from the hundreds that are available.

It’s not just for fried food either! You can heat reheat food in them, and even use them as a mini oven. They can be used for foods that you would eat on a normal basis, which allows the convenience to just increase with time as you practice.

Looking at the comparison between these two appliances

It seems they are quite similar, however, you do have some smart extras when we look at the COSORI Pro Smart. Other than that, they are both very decent air fryers, and judging from the reviews, both would make for an excellent addition to any kitchen.

When looking into purchasing something for your kitchen, you want to make sure you have all the facts and understand what you are buying. The negative reviews for both of these machines were varied. There didn’t seem to be one issue that was a problem when looking at these appliances. They are not for everyone, but those who are specifically looking for an easy to use air fryer, should give either of these a shot!

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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