Coway Airmega 250 Room Air Purifier Review

Purchasing the Coway Airmega Purifier was one of the best investment decisions I have made for my home in a while. Knowing that there are lurking contaminants, pathogens and germs just floating in the air made my skin crawl, so bringing this device into my home has given me a peace of mind I didn’t know was possible to receive from just one household appliance. The air purifier was extremely effective due to its HyperCaptive Filtration system that promised to wipe away 99.999% of nano-sized microparticles, odor and harmful contaminants. I truly noticed an immediate difference in my typical allergy symptoms once I switched on the device, in which it cleared up my living room in only 30 minutes. This is possible due to its structure that includes a pre-filter, deodorisation filter and HEPA filter that clearly removed all of the terrible pollen lurking in the air I breathe every day. The automatic air-quality indicator feature of the device has been revolutionary for quickly adjusting the appropriate purification level needed for the environment at that time, a process that did not require any effort on my part. In addition to this, the purifier comes with a 3-stage fan speed setting that allows me to adjust the device to be working at either low, medium, high or a rapid mode in which the device works at maximum power if the area at the time needed a particular boost of air purification. The convenience of this appliance has made my life so much easier, as the air filter indicator was so useful in letting me know when I needed to replace or clean the prefilters, allowing my purifier to be the most efficient as possible instead of overworking its parts and working at an insufficient level. The convenience of this device only gets better, as the pre-filters have been an absolute breeze to clean as the part easily slides out of the machine and speeds dry instantly after washing. I just know that replacing the 2-in-1 max filter is going to be even easier when the time comes, as the single filter includes an activated carbon filter as well as the true HEPA filter, so I won’t be needing to run around many stores trying to find the necessary parts that would be very pricy on their own. The sleep mode of the purifier has become especially useful at night, as there is a low-speed setting I can choose for bedtimes to ensure limited noise comes out of the device, making me feel much protected from pet hair, dander, dust, smoke, and even micro-sized viruses and bacteria when I am sleeping. In addition, I can easily set the purifier to run for up to 8 hours during the night before it switches off on its own to save energy. If protecting your family and pets from lurking and floating pathogens is a priority to you, then I would truly recommend the Coway Airmega Purifier for your home.

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