De'Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-3A Pinguino Plus Portable Air Conditioner Review

Portable air conditioners have become very popular, in recent years. With a Portable Air Conditioner, you aren’t bound to the same complexities and difficulties that regular air conditioners come with. Instead of having to deal with all of the maintenance and difficulties that many regular air conditioners come with – for example, having to install the air conditioner properly and to connect it to the various systems in your house – portable air conditioners are far more simple, and a lot easier to set up and use.

In this guide, we are going to be taking a look at one particular portable air conditioner that not a lot of people have considered, or are even aware of. This portable air conditioner is the De’Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-30 Pinguino Plus Portable Air Conditioner.

For those who are on a budget, but still want something powerful and more than capable of delivering nice, cool air to your home, this may be the right portable air conditioner for you.

You are going to learn all about the features and attributes that this portable air conditioner offers, and the benefits that these features and attributes give you. By the end of this guide, you’re going to have a pretty good idea as to whether or not this is the right portable air conditioner for yourself.

De'Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-3A Pinguino

What Does The De’Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-3A Pinguino Plus Portable Air Conditioner Offer?

Every portable air conditioner has something known as “MAC”. Now, the term “MAC” stands for “Maximum Area Coverage”, and this refers to the amount of space that the portable air conditioner can cool, in an adequate and even manner. You will find similar measurements on other air-related devices, such as Air Purifiers and humidifiers, among others.

The Maximum Area Coverage for this portable air conditioner is approximately six-hundred square-feet. Most portable air conditioners are far more limited, in this regard, so this is very nice. Along with that, if you have fans set up, these will throw the air around your home, ensuring that the rest of your home can be cooled, using the air that this air conditioner is bringing in.

When using this portable air conditioner, three specific functions will be operating. Naturally, the first of these is the air conditioner itself, which cools all of the air that is being sucked in from outside. However, while this is taking place, that air is having all of the humidity and excess moisture removed from it. This ensures that the air is nice and cool, as well. And then, the third function is that of the fan, which helps to suck in the air and to blast it around, as well.

De'Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-3A Pinguino Portable Air Conditioner

All three of these functions serve their specific purpose and ensure that the air in your home is properly taken care of and that it is nice and clean, as well as cool and soothing.

There is another function that is taking place, as well. It’s not as important as the others, but there is a filter known as the “BioSilver Filter”, and the BioSilver Filter is used to prevent things like mold and bacteria from growing, while also removing nasty odors and stenches from the air, so that the air conditioner doesn’t send those out, into your home.

To use the air conditioner, there are a variety of different controls that you have access to. Each one of these controls is delineated and clearly labeled, so it won’t be a problem figuring out what each one of the buttons does. Using the controls, you can choose from one of three fan-speeds, turn on various modes and functions, set and adjust the timer, as well as adjusting the temperature of the air that is being pushed into your home.

De'Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-3A Pinguino Plus

To access these controls, you can use the electronic display that is right on the air conditioner itself, or you can use the remote control that De’Longhi has provided. Both of these work very well and are incredibly convenient.

Convenience is something that De’Longhi spent a lot of time focusing on, and this convenience is seen in the setting-up process of using this air conditioner, as well. In just five minutes, you can set up this air conditioner. You don’t need any tools or anything of that sort. And, once you connect the wheels, it is very easy for you to push it into different parts of your home.

De'Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-3A Pinguino Plus Portable Air Conditioner

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Ultimately, the De’Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-3A Pinguino Plus Portable Air Conditioner is an inexpensive, efficient, and very easy-to-use portable air conditioner. If you are looking for something just like that, this is an excellent choice!

De'Longhi PACAN140ES.WH-3A Pinguino Plus review

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