Dolphin Explorer E20 vs. E30 vs. E50 vs. E70

There’s a scene in the movie Day Shift where Jamie Foxx’s character, masquerading as a pool cleaner, scoops a dead raccoon out of his client’s filthy pool. This isn’t a review where I tell you that automatic pool cleaners can remove dead forest critters from your swimming hole because they can’t. These nifty little machines can scrub out almost anything else floating in your water, though, and save you a whole lot of hassle in the meantime.

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Dolphin Explorer Robotic Pool Cleaner Overview

Think of automatic cleaners as Roombas for your pool. They activate at specified times and save you the mind-numbing, never-ending task of keeping the mess and chaos on your property controlled. A built-in filter and powerful scrubbing brushes circulate water through the unit, catching dirt and other objects in a container that you later unload and throw out.

Dolphin is a manufacturer that specializes in automatic pool cleaners both residential and commercial. The Explorer line of Dolphin cleaners is meant for residential in-ground pools and runs from a streamlined starter edition to a luxurious specialty model. In this review, we’ll ‘explore’ these different Explorers’ features so you can decide which unit fits your pool best.

Pool Size, Robot Size, and Suction Rate

The E20 is the lightest and leanest out of the four competitors at 13.8 lbs; after all, the E20 is just ‘the essentials of what you need in a pool cleaning unit, with no extra accessories or features to weigh it down. It covers the smallest cleaning area at a 33-foot max and performs best in more compact pools. It has a suction rate of 4000 GPH.

The E30 and E50 both weigh in at 16.5 lbs and can cover similar cleaning ranges of 50 feet. Their suction rate, the same as the E20, is 4000 GPH. The E20, E30, and E50 all share a similar streamlined look and are marketed as being light, portable, and convenient.

The standout in this crowd is the E70, with its hefty weight of 23.5 lbs and the enhanced suction rate of 5000 GPH. Despite all the extra power, the E70 covers the same cleaning range as the E30 and E50: 50 feet.

Filter Type

The E20 uses a large single-click basket to store the debris it catches. Frustrated reviewers found that the E20 won’t deep-clean dirt out of the water with the filter that comes included with its purchase; you’ll have to buy ‘ultra-fine’ filters from a licensed reseller.

The E30 has a similar starting filter to the E20, with the same issues catching fine particles, but does boast a larger capacity than the E20. The E50 and E70, on the other hand, come with extra large multi-layer filter baskets that do what those special ultra-fine filters for the E20 and E30– no extra purchases with these advanced models!

Cleaning Time

The E20 and E30 both take two hours for an average cleaning session and have no additional modes. The E50 and E70 have three different cleaning modes with different time estimations for each. Quick mode lasts 1.5 hours, Standard mode lasts 2 hours, and Enhanced mode takes the longest at 2.5 hours. Enhanced mode is meant for particularly dirty spots in the pool that need extra attention.

Scrubbing Brushes and Waterline Cleaning.

Everyone who’s maintained a pool knows the frustration of keeping that line where the water meets the tiles free from stains or scum caused by floating debris. That’s why more advanced versions of the Explorer (the E30, E50, and E70) use a combination of the Power Stream Multi Jet system and scrubber configuration to travel up your pool walls to get at that pesky waterline. The E20 is the only model out of the four that doesn’t have waterline capabilities.

As for the scrubbing brushes that help the Explorers clean as they go? The E20 has a single-front high-speed scrubber. The E30 and E50 each have a front high-speed scrubber and a standard back scrubber. The E70 has something called High-Speed Dynamic scrubbers, which are two heavy-duty scrubbers located in the front of the unit that also has 360-degree maneuverability underwater.

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Cleaning Frequency and Smart Phone Connectivity

The E20 and E30 both have options to set a weekly cleaning schedule with a frequency of every day, every other day, or every third day using the buttons on the unit. The E50 and E70 are more customizable via the MyDolphin Plus app, which lets you not only set a schedule but also choose the mode to use while doing so!

There’s an option to manually drive your unit around in the water using your phone, a weekly scheduler calendar, a delayed start directive, and a Pick-Me-Up mode where the cleaner will move itself to the edge of the pool for easier retrieval. Only the E70 has the option of manually driving your cleaner underwater, which should be easy considering its ability to spin 360 degrees.

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Cable Length and Type

Dolphin has a patented Swivel Cable system meant to keep your cable tangle– and frustration-free. The E20’s 50 ft cable doesn’t have Swivel Cable technology, unfortunately, which explains the reviews from people complaining about their cords getting twisted during clean-up.

The Dolphin E30, E50, and E70 all sport 60 ft long Swivel Cables that simplify set-up and clean-up of the units immensely. To top it off, the E70 even comes with its own wheeled caddy and cable storage.

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The E20 and E30 are great starter models for people who aren’t too fussed about how their pool is cleaned. Set-up and operation are straightforward and these units have the basic features you need to make a good pool cleaner.

One sticking point is the lack of fine-layered filters– if the filters included with the unit at purchase aren’t good enough to perform the job you purchased them for, is it really worth paying extra for a feature that should have been included from the start?

The E50 and E70 establish themselves as units meant for people with larger, and harder-to-clean, pools. The ability to reach drains and extra maneuverability is a lifesaver if your pool is an unconventional shape, but we have to wonder about all these extra frills. Do you really need a pool cleaner you can use as a camera underwater? IT’s up to you to decide.

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