Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum Purple Review

In today’s marketplace, there are quite a few different vacuum cleaner manufacturers out there. However, out of all of those manufacturers – and there are quite a few – there are only a few that have genuinely revolutionized the way that we use and think about vacuum cleaners, and there are only two or three that continue to do so frequently.

Dyson happens to be one of those companies. Not only did they revolutionize the vacuum cleaner industry back when they were founded, but they continue to change the way we use vacuum cleaners, and the way we think about how we use them and how other manufacturers can make and design them.

Today, Dyson continues to set the standard for high-end vacuum cleaners, and they are truly the best of the best, in this industry.

Dyson V11 Animal Stick Vacuum

In today’s buying guide, we’re going to be looking at one of their newer vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner is the Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum, and it is a truly excellent vacuum cleaner.

You will learn all about the unique features and attributes that the Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum Possess, and by the time you are done reading this guide, you’re going to know whether or not this is the right vacuum for you.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is the fact that this is not a very cheap vacuum cleaner. It’s quite expensive, and that is because Dyson does charge a premium because their products are exceptionally good.

Dyson V11

What Does The Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum Offer?

We’re going to start with the most basic fact of them all. As the title would imply, this is not a corded vacuum. Instead, there is no cord needed, and you can pick this vacuum up, and move it around any particular space.

This is a stick vacuum, and as such, it is incredibly lightweight and thin. It only weighs 6.6 pounds, which, for any vacuum, is exceptionally light. As a result of this, you can not only pick it up and move it around with ease, but you can also clean a wide variety of different spaces with this vacuum, including spaces that are up on the ceiling and high-up as well as spaces that are on the ground, in between various nooks and crannies.

In comparison to the other cordless stick vacuums, the Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum has twice the amount of suction power. Most of this comes from the motor that Dyson has spent a lot of time designing. Using this motor, you won’t have any problems vacuuming on a wide variety of different surfaces, including hard floors and carpets. This flexibility is enhanced by the cleaner head, which has also been designed with flexibility.

Dyson V11 Animal

You can press a button and turn this vacuum into a handheld vacuum. By doing this, you’ll have an easier time cleaning in various spaces that are underneath furniture and in between various objects. Sometimes, this is the best approach, because the cleaner head is small, but not that small.

When you are vacuuming everything, you’ll be able to see the cleaning mode that you are using, along with any maintenance alerts, on a small LED screen. And, as you vacuum, everything flows into a filtration system, and this filtration system removes 99.97% of the microscopic particles that you are vacuuming up.

On a single charge, you can use the vacuum for up to sixty minutes. After that, it’ll need to be recharged again. Considering how much power this vacuum offers, and the short battery-lives of other, less powerful stick vacuums, this is quite impressive.

Dyson V11 Animal Review

There are three different cleaning modes that you can use. Auto Mode. Eco Mode. Boost Mode. With Auto Mode, the cleaning head adapts to the different floor types that it goes across. With Eco Mode, you save battery-life and can clean for a longer period. Finally, with Boost Mode, you use more power, and this is designed for more intensive cleaning, that needs to be done in a shorter period.

When you’re done using the Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum, and you want to recharge it, plug it into the wall-mounted charging dock. Simple as that.

Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum


The Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum is an excellent stick vacuum cleaner. However, it is quite expensive, and for a lot of people, that is going to be a problem. If you are willing to pay the price, though, you will be rewarded with an excellent cordless vacuum!

Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum Purple

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