Echo Sub vs. Echo Studio

Although Amazon’s Echo smart speaker puts out a solid sound for its size and price, it lacks in the deep bass department and can’t even attempt to compete with the sub-bass levels of other devices. Introducing the Echo Sub and Echo Studio – wireless subwoofers specially designed to produce low-end rumbles when paired with an Echo smart speaker. Read on for a comparison of these.

Echo Sub Powerful subwoofer Review
Echo Sub

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Echo Sub

At about a quarter to half the size of other wireless subwoofers, the Echo Sub is extremely petite with its 7.9 by 8.2-inch cylindric form. Weighing only 9.3 pounds compared to an average of 15 pounds of most home theatre subwoofers, the sound it produces really comes as a surprise! While it has similar features as the Echo Plus such as its curved edges and fabric grille, it’s much wider and only available in black.

Echo Sub Review
Echo Sub

The Echo Sub does not have any buttons or the Alexa light ring like other Echo speakers and it can’t listen to your voice, or function at all, without being connected to another Echo speaker. The Echo Sub can be connected to another speaker through a small notch found at the bottom of it which holds a power connector and a pairing button. A connecting cable is included as well.

A short, disc-shaped base is found under the abovementioned notch and edge of the fabric which keeps the Echo Sub lifted and gives the 6” driver space to move air.

Echo Sub Sound

When partnered with an Echo Plus speaker, the sound of the Echo Sub is very impressive. This pair integrates well and it’s obvious that the overall presentation is tonally balanced. The sub performs as part of a 2.1 system. This pairing isn’t a rushed job where dialing frequencies and hoping for the best is the norm. It is well-rounded and gives the Echo Plus a much-needed boost. Although the Echo Plus performs fine musically on its own, it cannot produce the same high-quality sound produced unless paired with the Echo Sub.

Echo Sub subwoofer Review
Echo Sub

Of course, the Echo Sub isn’t perfect. Despite the fact that it adds stereo imaging and low frequencies that stretch the dimensions in different directions while adding incredible power without too much bass, it does lack the clarity and definition present in other devices. Still, it continues to be a good companion if you’re looking to have Alexa’s full range of abilities with a more powerful sound than what the Echo Plus can currently give.


Combo’s like this which are better performing is limited. No reasonable competition can currently be found for the Amazon Echo Sub. A pricier near-comer is the Sonos wireless sub, but it’s apples and oranges when compared to the Echo Sub. The Echo Sub is the best choice when you want to add one to your Echo line-up. However, those who have the funds can ditch the Echo line-up completely and rather take a look at Sonos or Bose who offers soundbars, smart hub speakers, and subwoofers.

Echo Sub - Powerful subwoofer for your Echo -...
  • Echo Sub delivers down-firing, 100W deep bass sound through a 6" woofer.
  • Pair with one Echo device to enjoy dynamic music that fills the room.
  • Pair with two of the same Echo devices for rich left/right stereo sound.

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Echo Studio

The Echo Studio follows the same design as the other Amazon Echo speakers. Covered with fabric mesh, its cylindric shape is similar to the standard Echo and Echo Plus, while only being noticeably larger.

Not only does the Echo Studio measure 8” high and 7’ wide, but it also has two 2” mid-range speakers, an upward-firing midrange speaker measuring 2”, and a 5.25” downward-firing sealed woofer, and a 1” front-facing tweeter.

It definitely offers an output to match, pumping out 330 watts at its peak! Unlike the Echo Sub, the Echo Studio also has an Alexa wake button next to its volume buttons, a mic mute, and the famous Alexa blue-light ring.

Echo Studio

Echo Studio Sound

The Echo Studio has 5 drivers and 3D audio mixing, making it a close competitor to Atmos-compatible soundbars, although it can’t provide the same positional audio yet.

Echo Studio Review
Echo Studio

The midrange drivers and tweeters work together to produce a sound field that is more precise and vertical than that of a set of stereo speakers. For the price, this audio imaging is above standard and the Echo Studio’s sound field is surprisingly directional as it stands.
Both the Echo Sub and Echo Studio are high-level competitors amongst other smart speakers. Amazon did a good job with its eagerness to push for better sound quality and adopt hi-res audio.

The Echo Sub is a great choice, but if your budget allows it, opt for a higher-quality speaker. The Echo Studio isn’t entirely convincing, but it sounds big, has an adequate level of dynamics and detail, and goes loud. For the money, it has a lot to offer. 

Echo Studio - High-fidelity smart speaker with 3D...
  • Immersive sound – 5 speakers produce powerful bass, dynamic midrange, and crisp highs. Dolby Atmos...
  • Ready to help - Ask Alexa to play music, read the news, and answer questions.
  • Voice control your music - Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and more....

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