Eurmax 10’x10′ Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent Review

In this quick review, we’re taking a look at the Eurmax Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent. By reading this review, you are going to learn all about what this canopy tent has to offer, and whether or not it offers what you need in a good canopy tent.

Eurmax Ez Review

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Wide Tent Coverage

Right away, the first trait that needs to be mentioned is this tent’s coverage. In total, it covers a space that is 10X10 square-feet. That is 100 square-feet. By having this coverage, you can easily set up small events and gatherings in an outdoor space.

Eurmax Ez Canopy Review

While 100 square-feet of coverage isn’t ideal for larger gatherings, these pop up canopy tents are quite cheap. Because of that, you can buy several of them, and by doing that, you will be able to cover a much greater amount of space.

Excellent Structural Design

One of the main qualities that sets this pop-up canopy tent apart from many others is its excellent structural design. It isn’t flimsy or poorly-made in any way; instead, it’s very well-designed and exceptionally durable.

To hold the canopy tent covering up, you’ll be relying on the truss structure design this pop up canopy tent uses. The truss structure is very useful, as it allows for the entirety of the canopy tent to be held up, without any difficulties.

Each component of the metal frame – which, in turn, comprises the truss structure of the canopy tent – has been covered in hammertone powder coated finishing. That way, it looks relatively nice but, more importantly, it won’t rust or decay as time passes. Because of this coating, the structure this canopy tent relies on will last you a very long time, and there won’t be any need for repairs.

To top it off, there are three height settings that you can use. Each height setting is extremely easy to access, due to the design of this canopy tent – all it takes is you pushing the metal frame upwards/downwards. The height settings are 10-feet, 10.5-feet, and 11.1-feet.

Very Useful Fabric

Every canopy tent is designed to protect the space that’s being covered from the elements. Elements such as the intense rays of the sun and rain; among various others. If a canopy tent cannot do that, then it isn’t a very good canopy tent.

Eurmax Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent Review

Fortunately, this canopy tent is more than capable of protecting your space against the elements. To do this, it relies on the aforementioned structural design, but it also relies on the tent cover. This tent cover is made of polyurethane polyester, which has been designed to provide specific kinds of protection.

One of the most notable forms of protection this canopy tent offers is that of UV protection. By using this canopy tent, you are able to keep 99% of the sun’s rays out of the space that’s being sheltered. That way, if it’s a hot and sunny day out, you can keep the sun out of your space.

The other most notable form of protection is this canopy tent’s waterproof nature. It consists of two-layers of polyurethane polyester, and each stitching line has been seam sealed. Because of this, no water is capable of dripping through the fabric and into the space that’s being covered.

Mobile & Portable

When you purchase this canopy tent, you will receive a medium-sized roller bag. In this roller bag, there are all of the different components and materials that you need to set this canopy tent up.

Eurmax Ez

What makes this roller bag so nice, is the fact that it is, well, a roller bag. It has wheels on the bottom, so you can easily push it around to different spaces. Plus, due to the design of that bag, it’s very easy for you to store each of the components that comprises this canopy tent.

Extremely Easy To Set-Up

Just as a pop up canopy tent should be, this canopy tent is extremely easy to set-up. To set up the canopy tent, all you need to do is take the metal frame out of the bag, toss the canopy tent covering on it, and then push the metal frame upwards.

Right after that, you can use the included weight bags to keep the canopy tent down. Alternatively, if you want to, you can use rope.

Conclusion: Excellent Canopy Tent

In the end, the Eurmax Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent is a fantastic canopy tent. It covers a large space, is very durable, and offers a convenient set-up process. If that is what you are looking for, then this canopy tent is a great purchase!

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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