EVERYBOT ‘Edge’ Powerful Autonomous Smart Robot Mop Review

The EVERYBOT Powerful Autonomous Smart Robot Mop is a fantastic smart robot mop. By the time you are finished reading this review, you will know whether or not this smart robot mop offers what you are looking for.

Absolutely Fantastic Design

The EVERYBOT Powerful Autonomous Smart Robot Mop is a beautifully-designed smart robot mop. That is the first thing you will notice about this smart robot mop. As a result of its excellent design, the device looks great, while also being very easy-to-use.

Even though aesthetics are very important, they aren’t the most important quality of a robot mop’s design. Rather, the most important quality this robot mop possesses, when it comes to the overall design, is its movement and functionality.

Unlike many other robot mops, this robot mop relies on two round mop pads, both of which allow the robot mop to move in any direction it pleases. As a result of these mop pads, while this robot mop is driving around, it will never stop cleaning your floors and removing the dirt, gunk, and grime that happens to be on those surfaces.

Extremely Convenient

For you to use this robot mop, you will be relying on the remote control that EVERYBOT has included. With this remote control, you have access to every single function and setting that you could ever need. Making use of these functions and settings is quite easy, due to the simple and clean design of the remote control.

To make the entire mopping process even more convenient, this smart robot mop offers an automatic water supply kit. With this automatic water supply kit, water flows to the two mopping pads automatically and consistently, allowing the robot mop to run for long periods of time without ever stopping. You must, of course, keep the water tank full for this to be truly effective.

Excellent Cleaning Power

The cleaning power that this smart robot mop offers is exceptional. Much of the cleaning power this smart robot mop offers comes from the two round mop pads. Both of these mop pads are quite thick and dense, ensuring that you can use them to remove dirt, gunk, and grime from your floors.

For this process to be even more effective, you can mix some extra cleaning solution into the water that you pour into this smart robot mop. By doing so, the overall process is a little easier, and you can more thoroughly clean up the dirt, gunk, and grime on your floor.

Very Useful Sensors

To navigate all across your home, this smart robot mop relies on a few different sensors. These sensors are quite simple, and they are not dissimilar to those that other smart robot mops offer. But, they work well, allowing this smart robot mop to know where it is and where it needs to go at all times. That way, the entire mopping process is speedy and efficient.

Conclusion: A Great Smart Robot Mop

In the end, if you are looking for a great smart robot mop, the EVERYBOT Powerful Autonomous Smart Robot Mop is a wonderful choice!


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