FerdY vs Woodbridge Freestanding Bathtubs

For a freestanding bathtub, you cannot go wrong with FerdY or Woodbridge. Both brands offer a plethora of great design traits and useful features. By reading this guide, you will learn which of these two brands offer what you are looking for.

What Does FerdY Offer?

The freestanding bathtubs FerdY offers emphasize a clean aesthetic, reliable materials, and a pleasant bathing experience.

Fantastic Aesthetic

Right away, the first thing you will notice, when first glancing at a FerdY bathtub, is the distinctive aesthetic qualities each one possesses.

For the most part, every FerdY freestanding bathtub emphasises one key aesthetic feature: simplicity.

Simplicity is at the core of each bathtub. And, it is this simplicity that gives way to clean lines, pleasant shapes, and stunning finished details.

Each one of these aesthetic features ensures that, no matter where you put the bathtub, it will look absolutely fantastic.

For bathrooms that need a nice aesthetic quality, the freestanding bathtubs that FerdY offers are fantastic.

Reliable Materials

Even though aesthetics are important, they aren’t as important as strong, reliable materials.

Strong, reliable materials allow the bathtub to last for a long time, without any need for repairs or a replacement.

Fortunately, every freestanding bathtub FerdY offers is made from strong, reliable materials that allow for this type of experience to be had.

A clean, glass-white acrylic is one of the most common materials you will find.

Aesthetically, glass-white acrylic is wonderful. But, to ensure that these aesthetics are not without function, the glass-white acrylic is backed with fiberglass.

Both of these materials ensure that your freestanding bathtub can last for a long time, without any issues.

To prevent the acrylic from cracking, a non-cracking and non-toxic finish is applied to the acrylic.

Each one of these materials allows your bathtub to withstand wear and tear for many years.

Easy To Install

The process of installing a FerdY freestanding bathtub is quite easy.

Far easier than installing the freestanding bathtubs that other brands offer.

A large part of this ease comes from the installation manual every FerdY freestanding bathtub comes with.

You can use this manual to understand the specifics of the installation process.

Every single manual, for every freestanding bathtub, is written in clear, concise language that walks you through the entire process.

You will find illustrations in each guide. Looking at these will give you a good idea as to what goes where, and what you need to do to install the bathtub.

A Pleasant Bathing Experience

The essence of FerdY’s freestanding bathtubs is, in the end, a pleasant bathing experience.

A pleasant bathing experience that is enhanced by the pleasant aesthetic of each bathtub; the easy installation process; the reliable materials; and the large size of each bathtub.

The size of each freestanding bathtub is significant. You can, assuming you aren’t larger than the exact measurements of the tub, stretch out and relax. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the space that each tub offers, while also letting you enjoy the bath.

Conclusion: For Convenience And Ease, FerdY Is Great!

In the end, if you want a freestanding bathtub that offers convenience and ease, FerdY is a great brand to purchase from!

What Does Woodbridge Offer?

As a bathtub manufacturer, Woodbridge emphasizes durability, reliability, aesthetics, and comfort. Each one of these intentions is felt in the design attributes of every freestanding bathtub that Woodbridge offers.

A Reliable Design

The reliability of every single freestanding bathtub Woodbridge offers is significant.

Just about every bathtub Woodbridge offers relies on a surface that’s been finished with EnduraClean.

As a finish, EnduraClean is stain-resistant, as well as scratch-resistant. Both features ensure the cleaning process is easy and pleasant.

Right underneath EnduraClean, there’s a glass-white acrylic surface. A glass-white acrylic surface, which is backed by fiberglass and resin.

Each one of these materials allows the freetanding bathtub to last for a long time, while also preventing wear-and-tear from taking place.

Right underneath those materials, you will often find a double-walled set of stainless steel brackets.

Each bracket keeps the bathtub strong and sturdy. You won’t need to worry about breaking the bathtub, or damaging it in ways that cause the rest of the structure to break down.

To top it off, every bathtub Woodbridge offers is slip-resistant. You won’t need to worry about slipping and falling, since every surface is completely slip-resistant.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The aesthetics of the freestanding bathtubs Woodbridge offers are, in the end, comparable to those FerdY offers.

You may not notice much of a difference. Or any difference at all, for that matter.

None of this is unfortunate, though, since the aesthetics of both brands, while similar, are excellent in their own unique ways.

For the most part, the freestanding bathtubs that Woodbridge offers rely on clean shapes, slightly-curvy lines, and muted colors.

Since the aesthetic is quite simple, yet pleasing, you can place a Woodbridge freestanding bathtub just about anywhere.

By doing so, the bathtub will mesh well with the design of your room, while adding a pleasant aesthetic quality to the space.

No Leaks

The system of drains and seals that every Woodbridge freestanding bathtub offers is quite notable.

As a result of this system, you will never need to worry about leaks.

Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about damaging the bathtub in such a way that it creates leaks.

Each system this bathtub relies on – both the drain systems, and the seal systems – is backed-up with high-quality engineering and innovative placement.

Many freestanding bathtubs rely on PVC pipes that are, more often than not, exposed.

The risk of leaks and breakage is quite high, since the PVC pipes are exposed.

But, the freestanding bathtubs Woodbridge offers are not at risk at all.

For those who are worried about leaks, Woodbridge is a great brand to purchase from.

Conclusion: Some Of The Most Reliable Freestanding Bathtubs Available

In the end, if you want reliability and durability, above all else, then the freestanding bathtubs Woodbridge offers are a great choice!




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