Fire TV Cube vs. Recast vs. Fire TV Stick: What’s the Difference?

The Fire TV is easily one of the best Smart TV devices on the market. But, Amazon sells a lot of variants, and it isn’t always easy to figure out which variant offers what you need. That is why we’ve put together a guide to walk you through what the different variants offer. By reading through this guide, you will learn which variant offers what you need!

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Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube is, as the name suggests, a cube-shaped device. To use the Fire TV Cube, you need to find a space for it – it’s small, fortunately – and plug it in. From that, you can begin using the included remote control, which has Alexa built in, to access all kinds of content.

Fire TV Cube Review
Fire TV Cube

Everything that you watch on the Fire TV Cube will be at the highest resolution your television offers. For some people, this will be 4K. But, along with that, technologies such as Dolby Vision and HDR will also be used, to ensure that the experience is as excellent as it can be.

Fire TV Cube
Fire TV Cube

You can watch just about anything with this Smart TV device. All of the popular streaming services – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+; among many others – are all available. But, along with that, there are plenty of apps and programs you can download, as well, to make this Smart TV device more than just a Smart TV device.

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Fire TV Recast

The Fire TV Recast is a DVR. Even though it has certain Smart TV features – you can use your smartphone to access this device, for example – it does not offer access to streaming services and is, instead, meant for over-the-air television channels.

Fire TV Recast Review
Fire TV Recast

Making use of the Fire TV Recast allows you to watch all kinds of channels. But, along with that, you also have access to 500 GB of space, which allows you to record up to 75-hours of television. You can even record two shows at once, which is something that most DVRs don’t offer.

Fire TV Recast
Fire TV Recast

The coolest feature the Fire TV Recast offers is that you can stream those live television shows onto your other devices. So, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can take the live television feed from the Fire TV Recast and display it on your device.

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  • Record up to 2 shows at once. Plus, store up to 75 hours of HD programming.

Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick is the simplest Smart TV device that Amazon offers. You will not be able to watch content in 4K, nor will you have access to some of the more advanced technologies that other Amazon devices offer. But, you will still have access to a remote with Amazon Alexa, and a wide variety of applications and services.

Fire TV Stick Review
Fire TV Stick

Much of what makes the Fire TV Stick a worthy purchase is the vast amounts of content it allows you to access. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ – and so much more – with this device. But, along with that, you can also download many different applications – YouTube, for example – while also performing unique functions such as checking the weather.

Fire TV Stick
Fire TV Stick

What really makes the Fire TV Stick a great purchase, though, is the fact that it is extremely cheap. You can get the Fire TV Stick for next-to-nothing, which means it’s great if you need a Smart TV Device.

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