Flair Smart Vent Review

Upholding a prime temperature within your household is absolutely necessary for being content in your home. At the same time, you need to make sure that you never excessively use your HVAC system as the outcome of this could possibly skyrocket your electricity bills.

Flair Smart Vent Review

If this is something that plays on your mind daily and you are constantly worrying about overusing your HVAC unit, Flair Smart Vent may be the solution to all of your worries. This system not only fixes the temperatures in all of your rooms, but it also makes an equilibrium between the air-conditioning and heating all throughout your household.

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During this complete review on the Flair Smart Vents, you’ll gain all the knowledge you need to learn about these systems and its features, and you’ll find yourself going out to purchase a Flair Smart Vent before you even get to the end of this review… they’re that good!

The system has been created around one of the most straightforward designs. The Flair Smart Vent controls all of the airflow access throughout all of the rooms in the home. This is the best way that you will be able to be far more competent about where you are cooling and heating. All of the components for this system are through Flair’s smart vents.

You don’t have to worry about it fitting it into your home since all the vents are already designed to fit inside the wall and floor register slots that you currently have. These vents are tremendously low maintenance, even the cables you won’t be able to see as these will be laid under the floor level… it’s like they are practically invisible.

You also get too options on power, you can have the vents already hard-wired for their power or you can opt for a C battery, which apparently will provide you with years of power before you even needed to consider replacing them.

Flair Smart Vents want to make sure that you make the right decisions when it comes to you and your decision on how many vents you may need to in addition to your current systems.

1. Having one room that gets way too hot when its being heated and one room that gets way too cold when its being cooled will require a Smart Vent and Flair Pluck.

2. Having a room that only gets a little hot and having one room that only gets a little cool will require you to fix all of your rooms with Smart Vents and Pucks – or alternatively an Ecobee sensor if your currently already have an Ecobee thermostat.

3. Your HVAC is functioning. However, you would like to have less restriction, so you are able to have more control on your system. Along with the becoming more efficient and eco-friendlier in the home.

Firstly, all of your rooms will be obligated to have a Puck. This feature is a round and small tool that will contain the entire temperature control and monitoring system on it. It will need to hard-wired by the USB cable that comes with it.

This operates as a connection between your home network and the Flair system itself. Anything else can be function and operated by the AAA batteries that come inclusive with the system, which are also very efficient due to e-ink display.

There are numerous amounts of modes that the Flair Smart Vents has, and all are compatible with whichever thermostat you already have for controlling temperatures in any rooms. The connected rooms’ vent or vents will open and close conditional on if the temperature is corresponding.

Furthermore, the Flair Smart Vents are also attuned with Honeywell and Ecobee smart thermostats, the intelligence of technology increases since there is a mode installed where they are able to gain and send temperatures feedback to the smart system and will be able to synchronize the open/close condition subject to that.

Google actually have ended up changing the Nest API, which has enabled Flair to gradually work on assisting alike aspects on the Nest systems in the near future. Nonetheless, the Flair Smart Vents currently functions with any Nest installations, just as it would with the ‘not-so-smart’ thermostats.

Features & Designs

When you first glance eyes onto the Flair Smart Vent, you will be immediately witness how appealing and finely-built this system is. The exterior design of this vent is metal, it has a pleasant grill feature on it that will fit in with the majority of home decors.

Originally, they have been created in white – this may be an issue for any of you that have a dark colored or dark wood flooring – then again, these smart vents are certainly an improvement to the regular register.

Conversely, the vent has a LED light which you can use during the set-up, so you are able to determine which side is which.

Underneath the vent is where the battery hold is, the louvers and the motors which are the director if controlling the open and closed motion.

A Puck, I pointed out this feature a little while ago, they can be linked with a smart vent. These will be able to deliver the important information on temperature, the intended temperature and it allows you to set the vents to be opened or closed. Ecobee also permits the use of their sensor in order to set up the software assimilation with their system.

By using this formation, you will never ever have to contemplate about the vents being smart. You can go about your day and the vents can be left to their own devices and will balance the temperatures, whether it’s to start heating a room or to start cooling it; they are genius enough that you won’t have to lift a finger.

The Pucks are pretty on form in terms of their design. They have options in a screw-in, a stick-up or a magnetic installation. They have easy to read, eco-friendly e-ink displays.

They will have a bezel for controlling the temperature and you also have the option to be put somewhere discreet in your home and directly use them as a remote sensor, especially useful if you are very minimalistic and you don’t like a lot of décor or things on your walls.

Creating Your Schedule

One of the best aspects around having a Flair Smart Vent is that you can create your own schedule for your HVAC unit. This means that you can set the exact temperature for a particular room that you want by using the apps. Along with this you are also able to set a schedule for multiple rooms too. If you like keeping up with the latest technologies, then you’ll love having this feature.

Saving Monies

I sometimes can’t think of anything that I like better than to save my hard earnt money. And when you know that there is a high chance of you being able to save money when you have a Flair Smart Vent installed then what is stopping you?

This vent system will make the most of its genius design and intellectual airflow system. This unit guarantees that you will only be cooling and heating the concerned rooms. The redirection technology takes the benefit of using the automation of opening and closing of the registers inside of your household.


As I mentioned earlier, the Flair Smart System is compatible with the majority of thermostat systems. Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee are all smart thermostats. You’ll be glad to know that it works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistance too, giving you that liberty to alter the temperature in the room that you desire, just by using the sound of your beautiful voice.

No More ‘Too-Hot-Too-Cold’ Rooms

Flair Smart Vents will help to stop your rooms getting too hot or too cold, or not cooling or not heating at all. The system will assist in balancing the AC and the heating through the household.

You Can Customize It

You are able to customize the system anyway you want. You can setup the unit to only one room, if that room is over-cooling or over-heating. You’ll just need a smart thermostat, a Flair Puck and a Flair Smart Vent. However, if you are wanting to administer the system to more than just one room, you will need to have an Ecobee thermostat that has remote sensors, more than one Puck and a Flair Smart Vent for each individual rooms.

This is what enables you to reach the precise goal that you are trying to get. You can go wild with it and customize it with what you want, just make sure that you have the budget for it. And don’t forget to optimize your results with making use of the Flair Puck Wi-Fi Wireless Thermostat.

The Flair App

This is where technology is always developing. You can operate your Flair Smart Vent and Puck through their app, which is available on Android and IOS systems. This will give you the ultimate control over your AC and heating units, where you can customize to your hearts delight. This means that you are able to regulate and control the temperature settings in which room you choose from wherever you are.

You have the option to set up a schedule over a weeks’ time so that each of your rooms will be at the precise temperatures, any time of the day, you can turn it on and turn it off meaning that your rooms are not heated or cooled when no one is home. This app is also compatible and great to work with the Geofencing app used through Bluetooth.

You’ll also like to know that it’s a simple setup too, the Flair Puck will automatically pick up the connected cellphones that come within the range of the Bluetooth which will then routinely regulate the temperature within the room that you have customized through your preferred settings. That means that each person living in the home has a chance to have their own profile to control.

Within the app, there is a ‘home and away’ option available and it will locate where you are using GPS and will turn on ‘home’ if you are reaching closer to your house and the app will turn on the ‘away’ setting when you leave your house.
My Opinion

So, when I first installed the review systems, I initially tried it out with the Flair app (I’ll discuss more about this later on.) And I provided the app with the temperature information to the Ecobee. I then converted it be that Ecobee was the one to control the required temperature, it transferred to all of the Flair systems and the information was sent and the unit fixed and set their open or closed status consequently.

On the outset, I actually found the Flair app to be rather daunting. This was due to the way that the several vents all exhibit a ton of information at one time, and it is apparent that some level of common sense is needed for this when you install and set it up. Albeit, when you have everything like the Ecobee system in working order, it worked in such a unified way, and I was really pleased with the outcome.

It was incredible how much of a transformation the Flair Smart Vent made in disseminating the airflow through my (nearly) 100-year-old home. I don’t have the most idyllic setup since some of the registers that are not really of standard or are old, the Flair Smart Vents cannot quite comprehend yet but still rather remarkable.


In conclusion, nothing is ever perfect, but the Flair Smart Vent comes pretty close to it when it comes to a heating and cooling system. It’s useful and cost-effective, you get a lot of flexibility around the customization features of it. You’ll be able to use it with your smart thermostats as I have mentioned through this review.

Either if you have a ‘smart’ thermostat or a ‘not-so-smart’ thermostat, AC unit or whatever is that you have, I think Flair will definitely help in making your house comfy with the airflow being transmitted throughout the home, so you are not having to wear a sweater inside the house or trying to get into the freezer to cool down.

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