Full vs. Rain vs. Massage: Different Showerhead Spray Setting

Every shower head comes with a unique set of spray settings. If you aren’t sure which spray settings do what and the benefits of those spray settings, then you’ve come to the right place. By reading through this guide, you are going to learn all about the “Full”, “Rain”, and “Massage” spray settings. That way, you will know which shower head is right for you, and which spray settings are ideal for your needs.

Different Showerhead Spray Setting Comparison

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What Is The “Full” Shower Head Spray Setting?

The “Full” shower head spray setting is a spray setting that is designed to cleanse the entirety of your body – or, rather, your “full body”. By using this setting, large amounts of water flow out of the shower head, which allows your entire body to be cleansed relatively quickly and very thoroughly.

Every shower head has many different openings within it. Each one of these openings is an opening for water to come out. By having these openings, water can come out of the shower head and flow onto your body. But, most shower head spray settings only use some of those openings, rather than all of them.

The most significant difference between the “Full” spray setting and other shower head spray settings is that the “Full” setting uses most of those openings. Because of this, more water comes out, without the pressure changing, allowing for a pleasant and thorough body wash.

What Is The “Rain” Shower Head Spray Setting?

The “Rain” shower head spray setting is, in many ways, quite similar to the “Full” spray setting. But, there is one very significant difference, and that’s the fact that the “Rain” spray setting uses all of the water openings that are on a shower head. Because of this, the “Rain” setting has the largest coverage, which allows your entire to be soaked all at once in a very short period of time.

Just as you would expect the “Rain” spray setting to do, it completely drenches you. This allows you to feel completely soaked, ensuring that every part of your body can be washed. If you are covered in soap, or need an especially thorough cleaning, then the “Rain” setting is very useful.

One thing to note, though, is that due to the sheer amount of water coming down on you, the “Rain” setting isn’t as relaxing as the “Full” or “Massage” spray settings.

What Is The “Massage” Shower Head Spray Setting?

The “Massage” shower head spray setting is a spray setting that involves shooting down a high-pressure burst of water through several openings. Each one of these openings is connected to one another, so it looks as if one giant stream of water is coming down.

What makes the “Massage” spray setting so nice, is the fact that the water is high-pressured and concentrated. This creates the feeling of having specific parts of your body massaged, which allows you to loosen up and to eliminate soreness and pain.


In the end, all three of those shower head spray settings are excellent. By having access to a good shower head that offers those three, you will be able to take showers that are relaxing and rejuvenating!

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