Gocheer Air Purifier GH-Monster Review

The Gocheer Air Purifier GH-Monster is expensive. But, as far as air purifiers go, it’s also one of the best. By reading this review, you will learn why that is, and whether or not it’s worth your money.

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Super Easy-To-Use

For you to use this air purifier, you will be relying on one of three options.

The three options are as follows; a control panel that sits on the top of the air purifier, a remote control, or your smartphone.

Each one of these choices offers the same features and functions. You won’t find any difference in that aspect of the experience.

All of that being said, though, using your smartphone transforms the experience a little bit.

You can, with your smartphone, access the air purifier no matter where you are.

By doing so, you can then see the current status of the air purifier, activate specific functions or features, adjust the schedule; among other possibilities.

For the most convenient experience possible, you should use your smartphone.

But, if you aren’t too concerned with overall convenience, the remote control and control panel are both good choices.

Meant For Large Spaces

The Gocheer Air Purifier GH-Monster is meant for large spaces.

More specifically, this air purifier is meant for spaces as large as 4,410 square-feet.

You can, within a single-hour, purify a space of that size, using this air purifier.

For a large warehouse, basement, or some other large space, this air purifier is a fantastic purchase.

For smaller spaces, this air purifier is also quite useful.

You can, within the span of just 30-minutes, purify a space as large as 2,500 square-feet. Because of this, you can purify a 2,500 square-foot space twice, in just one-hour.

The same can be said for spaces even smaller than that.

For vast spaces, and spaces that are still vast but not nearly as much, this is a fantastic air purifier to own.

Effective Smart Sensors

Just like most air purifiers coming out these days, this air purifier relies on smart sensors.

Smart sensors are useful, because they allow the air purifier to detect the current air quality.

By detecting the current air quality, these sensors can then tell the air purifier to adjust itself, so that the current air quality can be accounted for.

If the current air quality is quite good, then the air purifier will run a little more slowly, and use less power.

If the current air quality is quite poor, then the air purifier will run more quickly, and speed up the air purification process.

Thorough & Efficient Purification

To thoroughly purify your air, this air purifier relies on a powerful set of purification technologies.

The most notable of these technologies is a dual-set of H13 True-HEPA Filters.

Both of these filters contain a True-HEPA Filter, as well as an Activated Carbon Filter.

The True-HEPA Filter breaks down, and removes, all of the really small and nasty particles. Particles such as germs and allergens, along with various others.

Each one of these particles is removed from your air, ensuring that those particles are not present in the air that flows out of the air purifier.

The Activated Carbon Filter removes nasty odors and unfortunate smells.

For example, if your dog makes a mess on the carpet, the odor will be absorbed into the Activated Carbon Filter, eliminating it from the air in your space.

All of these systems come together to create a fantastic air purification experience.

Conclusion: Expensive, But Efficient & Convenient

In the end, the Gocheer Air Purifier GH-Monster is very expensive, but it’s also exceptional in its efficiency and convenience.

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