If you are looking for a good steam mop, then you’re at the right place. By reading through this review, you will learn all about the H20 MOP X5 Green Steam Mop. That way, you can determine if this steam mop offers what you need.

H20 MOP X5 Green Steam Mop Review

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Super Lightweight & Agile

To start off this review, the first thing that needs to be mentioned is that this steam mop is super lightweight and agile. Much of this comes from the fact that this steam mop weighs just under nine-pounds. Since it weighs so little, picking up this steam mop and moving it around is an easy task.

H20 MOP X5 Review

H20 MOP X5

Of course, that isn’t the only reason why this steam mop is so lightweight and agile. Every facet of the design is meant to create a pleasant and convenient experience. From the handle, which is comfortable to hold, to the different buttons, all of which are clearly labeled and delineated; everything about this steam mop is convenient, easy, and simple. By combining this simple and comfortable design with a general lack of heft, the entire steam mopping process is pleasant and extremely easy.

Exceptionally Versatile

Even though this is, of course, a steam mop, it isn’t just a steam mop. Rather, it is also a carpet cleaner, hand steamer, window cleaner, garment steamer; along with a variety of other devices. All of this versatility comes from the fact that this steam mop is designed to perform nearly any steam cleaning task.

For you to make use of these steam cleaning capabilities, you’ll need to rely on various attachments. Each one of these attachments can be found in the box this steam mop comes in. All of these attachments are very easy to attach – and, there’s a manual that walks you through the process – and they each perform special functions.

H20 Green Steam Mop Review

H20 MOP X5

To give you an example of the attachments H20 has included, if you want to use this steam mop as a handheld steamer, there are three attachments you’ll be using quite often. These attachments consist of a jet nozzle, wire brush, and nylon brush. Each one of these attachments easily attaches to the steam mop, and they can be used for certain steam cleaning tasks that the regular steam mop can’t perform.

The jet nozzle, for example, makes it easy for you to direct intense bursts of steam on very specific areas. If you want to remove thick stains and bits of grime, then you can use the wire brush to loosen that stuff up, to share another example.

Fantastic Steam Power

Of course, without the necessary steam power, none of that versatility would be particularly. That’s why it’s very fortunate that H20 has given this steam mop plenty of steam power, all of which is easily accessible.

H20 MOP X5 Green Steam Mop

H20 MOP X5

To make use of this steam power, you just need to fill the steam tank with water and choose a steam setting. Each steam setting is a little different, allowing you to choose how much steam you’re using in every moment.

Conclusion: Fantastic Steam Cleaner

In the end, if you are looking for a fantastic steam cleaner that is affordable, versatile, and powerful, then the H20 MOP X5 Green Steam Mop is a great choice!

H20 MOP X5

Steam Mop Review

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