Hayward W3DE6020 ProGrid Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter Review

For a truly excellent pool filtration system, you cannot go wrong with the Hayward W3DE6020 ProGrid Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter.

Hayward W3DE6020 ProGrid Review

Simple Set-Up

For the most part, setting up a pool filter is fairly easy.

Sure, a pool filter is a fairly complicated piece of machinery, and a pool is a complicated system.

Even so, though, most pool filters can attach to the systems within your pool with a fair amount of ease.

The most unique thing this pool filter offers, then, is a set-up that’s even easier than many other filters.

You can attach it to the pipes within your pool. Just make sure to set it up so that it’s sturdy, attach it properly, and you’ll be good to go.

The process should take no more than thirty-minutes.

Remember to use the manual – and, for more specific questions, the internet – during the process, so that everything is set-up properly.


Right after you set-up the filter, you will be able to use it.

The act of using this filter is nearly effortless.

For the most part, you won’t have to do anything.

Every now and then, you may want to apply some powder to the pool skimmer. That way, your water is a little clearer.

You may also need to remove the filter and clean it out, every six-months or so. But, this is only if you use your pool a lot.

The act of cleaning the filter is quite easy. Some components are a little hefty, but remove them carefully, place them on a flat, sturdy surface, and you’ll be good.

Attaching the components to the filter, once more, takes just a few minutes. And, the same is true of the overall cleaning process, which takes no more than fifteen-minutes, even if the filter is very dirty.

Beyond that, you won’t have to do anything to use this filter. Rather, the filter will work for you, removing all kinds of nasty bits of dirt and gunk from your pool’s water.

Reliable Design

The design of this pool filter is very reliable.

Most of the filter consists of high-impact grid elements. Each one of these grid elements is made of copolymer, which is glass-reinforced.

Since the grid elements are made of glass-reinforced copolymer, each element is resistant to corrosion.

You won’t need to worry about the grid elements breaking down soon after purchasing the filter.

Rather, these elements will last for many years, providing you with thousands of hours of pool filtration.

A High-Capacity Filter

You can use this filter in a pool that is no larger than 60 square-feet.

For a residential pool, that’s a great size.

If you own a pool that’s quite large, and need a reliable pool filter for that swimming pool, then this is a great pool filter.

You can also use this pool filter in a smaller pool, as well. Since this pool filter is rather expensive, though, it’s best to use it in a larger pool.

Tremendous Efficiency

The total flow rate this pool filter offers is 144 gallons-per-minute.

Every single minute this pool filter is running, 144 gallons of water can flow through it. And, in doing so, all of that water will be filtered. Then, it will flow back into your pool, as clean as it can be.

For a pool filter that is very efficient and undeniably effective, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Pool Filter

The Hayward W3DE6020 ProGrid Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter is a fantastic pool filter. If you need what the filter offers, then it’s a great investment.

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