Hayward W3SP1580 vs. W3SP2600X5: Pool Pump Comparison

If you’ve got an outdoor or indoor pool, you’ll know exactly how important the right pool pump is for ensuring good circulation and maintaining your pool’s overall quality.

Hayward W3SP1580 Review
Hayward W3SP1580

Hayward is a brand well-known for their strong, durable pool pumps that go the extra mile to ensure that everything runs smoothly in your pool.

We decided to test out two of their great pool pumps to see exactly what they have to offer and just how much they can make a difference to your pool.

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Hayward W3SP1580

With the Haywood W3SP1580, you can rest assured knowing that the cleanliness of your pool is in safe hands. This Power Flo LX Single-Speed 1 HP pool pump has been designed specifically with above and on-ground pools in mind.

Hayward W3SP1580 Pool Pump
Hayward W3SP1580

Known for their durable devices, Hayward created the W3SP1580 with corrosion proof housing to ensure high performance and quiet operation in all weather, which means that this pool cleaner can work to its fullest potential for a number of years when looked after.

With its heavy-duty motor, you’ll find the W3SP1580’s performance reliable and energy efficient. This pool pump was built to last, without adding any hidden expenses to your monthly bills. It’s also incredibly quiet for such a hard working motor, and is able to be left running continually without annoying swimmers.

The W3SP1580 is there to ensure your pool is kept as clean as possible. Its hidden, extra-large debris basket ensures that pool maintenance is kept to a minimum, by hoarding the larger pieces of debris that get sucked in. Simply remove the basket when it becomes full and rid it of any excess debris in order to ensure it runs smoothly for as long as possible.

Finally, the W3SP1580 comes with a handy drain plug that provides you with an even easier maintenance solution when you need to clean and maintain your pool and pump. This ensures that you get as much use out of this pool pump as possible and keeps maintenance costs down.

Hayward W3SP1580

Hayward W3SP1580 Power Flo

Hayward W3SP2600X5

Our second pick, the Hayward W3SP2600X5 is known as one of the best-selling medium-head pool pumps, so you know that this pump can work wonders for your pool. This Single-Speed 0.5 HP pool pump is said to set the industry standard for efficiency and dependability, so let’s find out why.

Hayward W3SP2600X5 Review
Hayward W3SP2600X5

A heavy-duty and high powered motor pushes the performance of the W3SP2600X5 to the max. Alongside it’s incredible airflow ventilation, you’ll be amazed by this pool pump’s efficient and quiet operation.

To ensure your pool is kept clean and debris free, the W3SP2600X5 comes with an extra-large debris basket, perfect for storing large particles such as leaves, twigs, and small pebbles. Such a large debris basket means less frequent maintenance for you, and a longer lasting pool pump that’ll go the extra mile.

Guaranteeing easy maintenance on your part are the exclusive swing-away hand knobs. These simple knobs make for an easy strainer cover removal without the need for tools, so emptying the debris basket stays quick and easy at all times. Finally, you’ll also find quick, 4 bolt access to the W3SP2600X5’s internal components to make for simple servicing, making this the easiest and most unique pool pump you’ve ever seen.

Hayward W3SP2600X5

Hayward W3SP2600X5 Super Pump


With two of Hayward’s best pool pumps on the market going head to head, we know just how hard it can be to make a decision.

When it comes down to it, the W3SP1580 and W3SP2600X5 are almost identical, with each having practically the same functions for a clean and well maintained pool.

However, in this case, the W3SP2600X5 beats the W3SP1580 by a fraction.

Hayward W3SP2600X5 Pool Pump
Hayward W3SP2600X5

With its extra components that make maintenance a breeze, you can be sure that the Hayward W3SP2600X5 was built with your comfort in mind. These durable pool pumps are built to last, and this one certainly makes that that little bit easier, ensuring a stress free maintenance method so that you can spend less time working on it running smoothly, and more time enjoying your pool.

With this in mind, you should remember that you’ll pay for this extra luxury, with the W3SP2600X5 being significantly higher in price than its counterpart.

No matter which pool pump you decide on, you can be safe in the knowledge that Hayward has you and your pool covered.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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