As you may have gathered from the title, this is a BIG dehumidifier, designed for LARGE spaces. If you are in the market for a dehumidifier that can accommodate a large space, and that won’t cause you to break the bank, then the hOmeLabs 2500 Square-Foot Dehumidifier may be the right dehumidifier for you!

hOmeLabs 2500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier 50 Pint Review

Using this buying guide, you’ll be able to learn what this dehumidifier can do for the humidity of the air. The individual features, the benefits of these features, the flaws with this dehumidifier, and whether or not this is the best dehumidifier for you.

Let’s begin!

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So, What Does This Dehumidifier Give You?

Let’s start with the weight. This is a pretty big dehumidifier. It covers a large space, and as such, it weighs a lot. 40 pounds, to be exact.

Some of this weight is taken up by the moisture tank. Now, this tank can hold up to 6 liters of water. But, if the dehumidifier is running for 24 hours a day, it can remove up to 6 gallons – 50 pints – of moisture. So, that means that, if you do intend to run it all day, you’ll need to dump the tank out on a fairly regular basis.

Fortunately, though, you don’t need to worry about the moisture tank overflowing. When the moisture tank is completely full, the dehumidifier senses it and turns itself off. This saves electricity, and it prevents the tank from overflowing, which prevents the myriad of problems that often arise with dehumidifiers that lack these features.

hOmeLabs 2500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier 50 Pint

The Maximum Area Coverage is, you guessed it, 2500 square feet. Compared to most dehumidifiers, this is quite a bit of space. If you have a big apartment, a basement or even a house/a specific part of your house, that you want to dehumidify, this is definitely one of the best dehumidifiers that you can find.

It’s intended for spaces that are between 1000 square-feet and 2500 square feet. Anything more than that and the dehumidifier won’t work quite as well.


As for using the dehumidifier, the entire process is incredibly simple and effortless. On the top of the machine, there are various buttons. You can use these buttons to set the moisture setting that you want. Then, it will begin the dehumidification cycle. Unless you change the settings – there are six individual settings, as well as a timer – this will be the standard 24-hour cycle. There is nothing complex about this unit, making the dehumidifier especially convenient and easy to use.

To enhance the convenience of this machine, there are handles on the sides of the dehumidifier, as well as wheels. Naturally, these things make it a lot easier to move around and maneuver. This is very handy, especially since it does weigh forty-pounds, and can be a bit difficult to move, in general.

hOmeLabs 2500

The fan that the device uses has been designed with one main intention: silence. Or, rather, it has been designed to be as silent as a dehumidifier fan can be. It doesn’t make much noise at all, and you can sleep while the hOmeLabs is on, the noise will probably not bother you.

In terms of durability, the machine is made from durable components, and everything comes across as well put-together and of high-quality. With the two-year standard warranty – this comes with the dehumidifier, and you don’t have to make any extra purchases – you have the hOmeLabs guarantee that if anything happens, it’ll be taken care of. Most manufacturers won’t provide this guarantee at all, and the fact that hOmeLabs does should be commended.


Using a series of filtration systems and fans, this dehumidifier is great at eliminating nasty odors and allergens – along with other germs – that seem to hover around humid air. You can use these features even moreso, by adjusting the fan speed.

hOmeLabs 2500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier

Now, at the end of the day, this is a really powerful dehumidifier. There really isn’t any distinct flaws that need to be pointed out.

However, this is an expensive dehumidifier. That comes with the territory, since this dehumidifier covers so much space, and is so efficient. But, if you are someone that doesn’t really need all of the features that this dehumidifier offers, you and your wallet would probably be better off finding one that isn’t as expensive.


If you want a dehumidifier that works well in BIG spaces, then the hOmeLabs 2500 Square-Foot Dehumidifier is the one for you! It’s a simple, easy to use, and incredibly efficient machine that works great!

hOmeLabs Dehumidifier

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