Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier Review (HUL430B)

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier. The model name for this particular humidifier is HUL430B. Now, before we get into the specifics as to why this is a great cool mist humidifier, we need to make one thing very clear. Cool mist humidifiers are ideal for getting rid of germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria have a hard time growing and developing in cool temperatures.

Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier Review (HUL430B)

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In warm temperatures, however, they tend to flourish. That, and germs and bacteria can’t travel in moist air. This isn’t to say that a warm mist humidifier is ineffective when it comes to eliminating germs and bacteria, but a cool mist humidifier tends to be more effective, due to the cooler temperature.

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Not only that, cool mist humidifiers are great for killing germs and bacteria and making your air free of those things, but they’re also great for keeping your indoor plants healthy, and clearing your nasal passages if you happen to be sick already. Humidifiers will keep your air clean, healthy, and moist.

What Kinds Of Features Does The Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier Offer?

Right off the bat, you’ll notice this device is quite small and compact. It weighs just under six-and-a-half pounds. Through the use of a nice, easy-to-grip, tank handle at the top, you can easily pick it up and move it around. Regarding aesthetics, it is very simple, with a black and gray color scheme. The Honeywell humidifier goes with just about anything, and it is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind.

Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier Review

You’ll notice on the front of the unit that there is a small scroll. This scroll is for adjusting the mist output, giving you the ability to choose just how much mist you want at any given time, without having to fumble with any sort of remote control or some other accessory that may, in some ways, serve as an inconvenience.

On the front, there is a small window. Now, this window shows the water levels, and there’s a little light inside the window that reveals this to you when the room is darkened. You have three settings that you can choose from to control the light: bright, dim, and off.

If it’s late, and you want to sleep, you can just turn off the light completely, while keeping the unit running. But, you don’t have to check this to see if you need to refill your water. Using a sensor, the humidifier will detect when a refill is needed, and it will turn on a light that will indicate to you that the humidifier needs to be refilled.

Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier Review (HUL430B)  Finally, at the bottom, underneath the other features, there’s a tiny little tray. This is what’s known as an “Essential Oil Tray”, and what you do is you simply add a few drops of whatever essential oil you want, and the humidifier distills that, along with the water, into the air.  At the top, there is a nice, wide opening for you to pour the water into. You don’t need to pour super carefully, because the opening is quite large, making spills and splashes much more of a non-issue, rather than the inconvenience that they often are.  With a single filling of water, the humidifier can run for 24 hours - either straight-through or in shorter periods - and then after those 24 hours, it needs to be refilled. This is quite a long time for a cool mist humidifier, and as such, it is a fantastic feature!  <img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=

When the humidifier is empty, however, you’ll see the refill light, and it will automatically turn off, instead of continuing to waste electricity.

For the most part, the Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier is designed to work in medium-to-large rooms, although that isn’t to say it won’t work, or work as well, in rooms that are a bit smaller.


Ultimately, the Honeywell Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier is an excellent cool mist humidifier that doesn’t cost too much, is simple and easy-to-use, and has all of the basic features that you could want. It may not be as advanced or as broad in its features as other products, but it more than exceeds at getting the job done!

Honeywell HUL430B Humidifier

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