Honeywell HT-900 vs. HT-904 vs. HT-908 Air Circulator Fans

If you are on the market for a great air circulator fan, you can’t go wrong with Honeywell. That’s why, in this buying guide, we are taking a look at the three best Honeywell air circulator fans. By the time you are finished reading this guide, you will know which air circulator fan offers what you need!

What Does The Honeywell HT-900 Offer?

To start off the buying guide, we have the Honeywell HT-900. If you compare this air circulator fan to the others found in this buying guide, you’ll quickly realize that this is the cheapest. But, just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it lacks a plethora of great features.

Right away, the first thing you will notice about this air circulator fan is its size. Small, compact, and very portable. Moving this fan around is easy and, due to its size, you can place it anywhere. Regardless of where you need to place it, you can place it there, allowing you to circulate air in any space.

Once the fan is set-up, you have access to a few settings. These are all very basic settings, but they do make a difference. The first setting is the fan speed, and there are three fan speeds you can choose from. The second, and last, setting is where you need the air circulator fan to pivot. You can pivot it up to ninety-degrees, which makes it easy for you to direct the airflow coming from this fan, without having to physically move the fan.

Beyond that, this is a powerful air circulator fan. Due to the technology it makes use of, you will be able to feel the cool air coming out of this fan from up to twenty-seven-feet away. All of this air comes out at a speedy and, depending on the setting you’re using, gentle place.

In the end, if you need a very effective and very affordable air circulator fan, you cannot go wrong with the Honeywell HT-900!

What Does The Honeywell Kaz HT-904 Offer?

The Honeywell Kaz HT-904 is very, very similar to the HT-900. You will not find very many differences between the two. But, what you will find is an experience that’s just as nice, as well as a unique aesthetic that may, depending on your taste, make the HT-904 seem like a better purchase than the HT-900.

Just like the HT-900, the Honeywell Kaz HT-904 is small and compact. Because of this, you can pick it up and place it anywhere with ease. But, that’s not the only aesthetic feature you’ll notice right away, because this fan is a light shade of white, which makes it bright and very noticeable.

Beyond that major aesthetic difference – the HT-900 is a dark shade of black – you won’t find anything new or novel about this air circulator fan. But, that’s okay, since the fan settings are great, the fan has no problems blasting cool air across any space, and this fan costs very little money.

At the end of the day, if you want an air circulator fan that offers a unique visual aesthetic, as well as the same features and functions as the HT-900, then the Honeywell Kaz HT-904 will be a great purchase!

What Does The Honeywell HT-908 Offer?

The Honeywell HT-908 is the most elaborate, and expensive, air circulator fan in this guide. Even though it does cost quite a bit more, you will only find a few notable distinctions that set this fan apart from the two others. But, these distinctions are very notable, and they transform the overall experience.

Right off the bat, you will notice that this is a medium-sized air circulator fan. Because of this, it isn’t anywhere near as portable. But, moving it around is relatively easy, and it will still fit on most desks, chairs, tables; along with various other surfaces.

All of the settings and features that the other air circulator fans offer can be found here. You will find the same ninety-degree pivot, as well as three fan-speeds. None of these settings and features are unique, but they are very useful.

The overall power this fan offers, however, is greater than that of the two other air circulator fans. Because of this, even if you’re thirty-two-feet away, you will be able to feel the cool air coming from this fan. That, and you can more effectively circulate air across large spaces.

Ultimately, if you need an elaborate and efficient air circulator fan, you will not be disappointed with the Honeywell HT-908!


Honeywell HT-900

Honeywell Kaz HT-904

Honeywell HT-908

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