Honeywell Top Fill Digital Humidistat Tower Humidifier Review (HEV620B)

Today, we’re going to be looking at the Honeywell Top Fill Digital Humidistat Tower Humidifier. Now, Honeywell has been manufacturing home appliances and devices for many years. They are very good at what they do, and the quality has remained consistent throughout their tenure. However, they haven’t been manufacturing humidifiers for too long.

Fortunately, this particular humidifier is no different, and meshes perfectly well with the Honeywell legacy!

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We’ll be looking at the features that comprise the Honeywell Top Fill Digital Humidistat Tower Humidifier, as well as the things that it does particularly well. By the end of this article, you’ll know whether or not you want to purchase this humidifier or not!

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So, What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Humidifier?

Let’s define what a “humidifier” actually is, first. More than anything else, a humidifier is a device that adds moisture to whatever room or space that the device is in.

You’ll find that most people tend to use them during the winter season. This is because the air is so dry during winter, and dry air can easily lead to a number of problems and inconveniences.

The most obvious problem is that of getting a nasty cold or fever. Due to the lack of a moisture in the air, your respiratory system becomes weaker, and this makes it easier for those bugs and viruses to take over. With moist air, this is less likely to happen. Even if you are sick, it does make healing from the illness quite a bit easier.

That isn’t the only problem, however. When the air is dry, your houseplants begin to wither and die, since there is such little moisture in the air. Wooden furniture – especially the kind that was built long ago – can start to degrade rather quickly, due to the wood losing the necessary moisture.

Those are just a few examples of problems that a good humidifier can solve.

Honeywell HEV620B

What Are The Features Of This Particular Humidifier?

Right off the bat, you’ll notice it’s somewhat tall – hence the word “Tower” in the title – and heavy for a humidifier. Coming in at just over 13 pounds, this isn’t the most lightweight humidifier.

Aesthetically, it’s black and has a very minimalist design. On an aesthetic level, this is pleasing enough, and it goes well with just about anything.

You’ll notice that, on the top part of the humidifier, there is a very nice “Humidistat” feature. This Humidistat showcases the current humidity levels, as well as the humidity levels that you have set. There is also a timer.

One of the great benefits of a Humidistat is that it gives you direct control over the humidity levels. Some humidifiers don’t do this, and this means that if you have specific humidity needs, they are harder to reach. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with this humidifier!

Regarding features, the Honeywell Top Fill Digital Humidistat Tower Humidifier isn’t particularly extensive. But, each feature works very well and is very helpful in adding the necessary humidity to your home.

Honeywell Humidifier Review (HEV620B)

How Does This Humidifier Work, Exactly?

In the middle part of the humidifier, you’ll notice a tank. This tank is removable, allowing you to pour water into that tank, and then to attach it to the humidifier once it’s full.

One thing to note is that essential oils should NOT be used in this humidifier. Only pour water into this tank; nothing else.

When you pour water into the tank, it flows into the reservoir. Then the wicking filter absorbs that water, and then the wicking filter becomes saturated.

On the back, you’ll notice an intake grill. This intake grill pulls in dry air from whatever room/space the humidifier is in. Once the air has been pulled in through the grill, all of the moisture that is on the now-saturated wicking filter begins to evaporate. This moisture is then pushed out, through the top of the humidifier, with the help of a fan.

You can set the humidifier to run for a specific period of time, or just until it runs out of the water. Both options are great, but if the humidifier is in your bedroom, and you are using it while sleeping, the noise may bother you.

Honeywell Top Fill Digital Humidistat

Should I Buy This Humidifier?

If you want a simple humidifier that has all of the necessary features you could ask for, without any of the extended functionality of more expensive models, then absolutely! This is a great humidifier.

But, it doesn’t have anything that sets it apart from many of the other great humidifiers on the market. The Honeywell Top Fill Digital Humidistat Tower Humidifier a simple device. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want something advanced, this isn’t it.

Honeywell Top Fill Humidifier

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