Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000 Review

Hoover is a company that has been in business for 111 years. They were founded in 1908, by a man named William Henry Hoover. And since that day, in 1908, they have been a present fixture in the vacuum cleaner industry. Over the years, they have developed a wide variety of different vacuum cleaners, and vacuum cleaner related devices.

Today, we’re not going to be looking at a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Instead of doing that, we’re going to be taking a look at the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, which is a carpet cleaner that Hoover has developed, and it has many similarities to the vacuum cleaners that Hoover has developed.

Before we begin this guide, it’s important to define what a carpet cleaner is. So, what is a carpet cleaner? A carpet cleaner is a device that can clean your carpet, using a variety of different methods. There are several carpet cleaners on the market, and many of them have their unique ways of doing things. In the case of the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, the carpet cleaning is done through the use of water.

Hoover Smartwash FH52000 Carpet Cleaner

What Does The Hoover Smartwash Offer?

Compared to many of the other carpet cleaners on the market, the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner is quite lightweight. It weighs only 18.5 pounds, and due to a design that resembles an Upright Vacuum, moving the carpet cleaner around is no issue.

The reason why this is known as an “Automatic Carpet Cleaner” is that you can clean your carpets very easily. When you move forward, you clean your carpet, releasing the water and fluid necessary to remove the stains within the carpet. And then, when you move backward, this dries the carpet, using the power of heat, so that the water doesn’t remain lodged in the carpet, creating mold.

Because there is no trigger on this carpet cleaner, it’s incredibly easy to use this carpet cleaner. And, when you combine this with the simple and relatively lightweight design, you get a carpet cleaner that is exceptionally easy-to-use and convenient.

In the middle of the device, between the handle and the cleaning head, there is a small tank. This tank is used to hold all of the water, and this water will then be ejected from the tank, through the nozzle that is on the bottom of the cleaning head. Before it is ejected, though, it is mixed with cleaning solution. Near the water tank, there is another tank, and this tank is used to hold the cleaning solution.

Hoover FH52000 Carpet Cleaner Review

With the water tank, you have a capacity of one gallon. And then, with the cleaning solution tank, you have a capacity of twenty ounces. You don’t need a lot of cleaning solution, but you do need a lot of water. Through the combination of these two things, the stains that are in your carpet can be removed in a much more efficient manner.

The nozzle isn’t the only thing being used during the cleaning process. On the cleaning head, there are these brushes known as “FlexForce Powerbrushes”. These are simple brushes that provide a lot of brushing power. As you move the carpet cleaner around your home, the brushes gently brush off the dirt and dust that has been embedded in your carpet. Combine this brushing with the water, and the cleaning experience is incredibly powerful. You have the brushes removing the dirt and dust, and the water and cleaning solution removing the stains and other impurities.

Using a technology known as “HeatForce” a significant amount of heat – safe heat, it must be said – is produced, as the vacuum dries off the water that is now on the carpet. By doing this, it makes the drying process a lot faster.

Hoover FH52000 Review

The nozzle and brushes are attached to the cleaning head, and this cleaning head is flexible. You can push it underneath different objects, such as tables, and chairs, with ease, making it very easy to clean a variety of spaces, including the more closed-off ones. This is further enhanced through the use of a “pet tool”, which is a hose that you can extend for a couple of feet, to clean smaller spaces and couches and sofas.

When you are done cleaning, you can pull up a small flap, and remove the nozzle and brushes. Cleaning these two components is very simple.


If you want simplicity and convenience, then the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner is an excellent choice! It’s simple, easy-to-use, and efficient, while also being affordable.

Hoover Smartwash Review

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