How Long Does it Take to Pressure Wash a Driveway?

In this guide, you are going to learn all about pressure washing a driveway. By the time you are finished reading the guide, you will know the best way to pressure wash a driveway and how long it takes to pressure wash a driveway.

How Long Does it Take to Pressure Wash a Driveway?

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What Is A Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer is a machine that takes water from a water line – usually your garden hose water line – and pushes through it a high-pressure system. Pushing the water through this high-pressure system enhances the pressure and water flow rate of the water that is flowing through the pressure washer.

Right after this process takes place, the water flowing through the pressure washer comes out at a great pressure and speed. Rather than being mild and weak, the water is incredibly strong, due to its pressure and speed. As such, you can use that water to break down all kinds of dirt, gunk, and grime from a variety of different surfaces.

How Do You Pressure Wash A Driveway?

To pressure wash a driveway, you must first clear the driveway of any debris. If there are things like stones or rocks on the driveway, remove them. That way, the space is completely clear, and you will be able to easily pressure wash the driveway without worrying about debris flying into your face.

Right after the driveway is clear, it’s wise to apply some kind of degreaser. Many pressure washers allow you to pour degreaser into them, and to shoot this degreaser onto the driveway. But, if your pressure washer doesn’t allow for this, then you will need to do it by hand. By pouring degreaser onto your driveway, you will loosen whatever stains happen to be on the driveway, so that you can more effectively pressure wash them.

Make sure the pressure washer is plugged in and set-up properly. Then, when it is, you can begin pressure washing the driveway. Make sure to pressure wash the entirety of the driveway. If possible, mix detergent into the water coming out of the pressure washer, so that stains will be loosened up more easily.

Right after that, wait around ten-minutes, give or take. Allow the water to flow off of the driveway, and the gunk and grime to flow away. Then, perform one final washing, rinsing off the dirt, gunk, and grime that’s left over.

After you’ve performed each one of those steps, you’re finished. Your driveway will be as clean as it can be, and free of the dirt, gunk, and grime that was once on it.

How Long Does It Take To Pressure Wash A Driveway?

More often than not, it only takes thirty-minutes, or less, to pressure wash a driveway. And, that includes the ten-minute waiting period. The reason for this has to do with the fact that pressure washers are very powerful, and most driveways aren’t that large. But, if your driveway is especially large – designed to hold more than two cars – then the process might take longer.


With a pressure washer, cleaning a driveway is very easy! Using this guide, you won’t have any problems thoroughly pressure washing a driveway!

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