How to Know What Size Digital Picture Frame You Need?

The one thing that makes finding the right digital picture frame a little challenging is trying to figure out what size is right. To help you bypass this tricky stage in the buying process, we’ve put together a guide that will help you figure out what size your digital picture frame should be.

What Sizes Are Available?

If you go online, and look at digital picture frames, you will find that most digital picture frames are anywhere from 7-inches to 21-inches. You can find digital picture frames that are larger than that – the largest ones are usually around 65-inches to 70-inches – but most of them are around that size.

Remember that almost all of these digital picture frames measure their size diagonally. Take that into consideration, when thinking about the digital picture frame that you wish to purchase. This fact is especially important if you have a few places, in particular, that you are thinking about placing this digital picture frame.

Where Will You Be Placing Your Digital Picture Frame?

Right before you begin thinking about a definite size, take the time to consider where you will be placing your new digital picture frame.

Are you going to be placing your digital picture frame on your nightstand? A large table that’s by the entrance? Do you want to mount your digital picture frame on the wall, for all to see?

Each one of those options is valid. But, these options will, depending on which one you choose, change which digital picture frame is viable for you and which ones aren’t.

How Much Space Does Your Digital Picture Frame Need?

After you find the right space to place your digital picture frame, you will need to consider just how large – or small – a digital picture frame needs to be to fit on that space.

More often than not, you will be able to make an accurate estimate if you just look at the space. You can usually tell if a 15-inch digital picture frame is better than a 21-inch digital picture frame – just as an example – but things become more challenging if you intend on mounting the frame.

Most of the digital picture frames that you can mount to the wall are quite large and, as such, require more space than other digital picture frames. For these digital picture frames, measuring the space is a necessity – remember to measure diagonally – since failing to do so may result in you purchasing a digital picture frame that is too large or too small.

Right after taking those measurements – or estimating which size works well for the space you’ve chosen – you can search for them online. Doing so will lead you to a variety of results. Make sure to read the reviews, and consider what each digital picture frame offers, before hitting the “Purchase” button.


Finding the right-sized digital picture frame is easy. But, finding the size that’s right for your digital picture frame is, of course, a little more challenging. By following this guide, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the digital picture frame that’s the right size for you!

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