Husqvarna vs Worx vs Robomow: What Robot Lawn Mower to Pick?

Robotics technology has become incredibly popular, within the last decade. You can now find a wide variety of different tools that were once quite limited in their functionality, and these technologies have now become significantly more powerful and functional, due to the robotics technology that is now being integrated into their general functionality.

What Robot Lawn Mower to Pick?

Now, this process is happening very quickly. Lots and lots of different tools are becoming part of this “robotic movement” and, these days, you won’t have any issues finding things like robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic steam cleaners, robotic window washers, and, of course, robotic lawn mowers.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be talking all about robotic lawn mowers. Robotic lawn mowers are very much a new technology, and there are a lot of things happening to this technology, as we speak, and a significant number of changes and developments that are currently in the process of being integrated into robotic lawn mowers.

Right now, the technology is young. It hasn’t quite grown or risen the way that it needs to, and the way that it soon will. So, that is something you’ll need to remember when reading this buying guide, and when looking at the different robotic lawn mowers that are out there.

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Soon enough, the technology will have developed a great deal. But, as it stands, there are still various limitations, which we’re going to talk about in the next section.

Robotic lawn mowers are popular, and there are three big brands that seem to manufacture most of the robotic lawn mowers that are on the market. These three big brands are Husqvarna, Worx, and Robomow. Each one of these brand is well-reputed and has been very successful at developing robotic lawn mowers that people want to buy. As a result of these decisions that the three of them have made, they have a wide variety of different robotic lawn mowers to choose from.

Robomow Robot Lawn Mower

We’re going to be looking at these three brands, and looking at the type of design philosophy that underscores the devices that they design, as well as the history of the company itself, and the types of robotic lawn mowers that they have designed.

We’re not actually going to be looking at any specific robotic lawn mowers. Instead of doing that, we’re going to be looking at the company, looking at who they are and what they do and how they design. This information will give you a good idea as to what they do and how they do it.

From this information, it’ll be a lot easier to find a Robotic Lawn Mower, that does everything you want it to do. With all of the choices available to you, this isn’t really the easiest process, but it can be a lot easier if you know what you are looking at.

Right before we dive into the three brands, we’re going to look at what a robotic lawn mower actually is, and what it does; the individual features and attributes that make it unique and useful.

What Is A Robotic Lawn Mower?

A robotic lawn mower is a lawnmower that uses robotics technology to automate the process of lawn mowing. That’s the most basic definition, but it’s pretty vague.

So, we need to ask the question of “What is a lawn mower?” in order to properly define and outline the intricacies of robotic lawn mowers.

What is a lawn mower? A lawn mower is a machine that utilizes various blades to cut your grass. These blades tend to vary between lawn mowers, but they are designed to be sharp, and they are designed to rotate and move around at a quick speed. Through the use of these moving blades, grass is cut in an easy and efficient manner.

People take a lawn mower – which is usually quite large and bulky – and they push this lawn mower across their lawn. By doing this, they are able to cover the entirety of the lawn. By the time they have finished mowing their lawn, the grass is much shorter and more evenly cut. The grass that was cut will be put in a large container, that is usually right behind the lawn mower.

This container holds all of the grass, so that it doesn’t fly out all across the lawn, making an even bigger mess. You can remove this container and then dispose of it in whatever manner that you like.

Robot Lawn Mower

Ultimately, a lawn mower is a type of machine, usually a big and bulky one, that uses moving blades to cut your grass to an even height. You use this machine by pushing it across your lawn, which allows the blades to cut all of the grass on your lawn.

A robotic lawn mower is a type of lawn mower that does all of those things, but you don’t need to be the one moving it around, so that it can mow your lawn. Instead, using the wheels on the bottom of the lawn mower, as well as various sensors, a robotic lawnmower mows your lawn on its own.

You do need to define the parameters of the space that the robotic lawn mower mows within, and this is done by setting up a border wire, which is a physical wire that delineates the space that needs to be mowed.

Ultimately, robotic lawn mowers are just lawn mowers that mow your lawn, on their own, without your direct input.

What Are The Three Main Robotic Lawn Mower Brands?

In this section of the guide, we’re going to look at Husqvarna, Worx, and Robomow, and the types of robot lawn mowers that they produce.

What Does Husqvarna Offer?

Husqvarna is part of the Husqvarna Group, and the Husqvarna Group is a very large organization that specializes in manufacturing all kinds of different outdoor power tools. Most of these outdoor power tools are things like chainsaws and tractors, as well as various types of mowers and bush trimmers, among many others.

Husqvarna vs Worx vs Robomow

For many years, Husqvarna has been manufacturing all kinds of different tools. Some of these tools are incredible, and in recent years, they have tapped into the robotics market to deliver some very good robotic lawn mowers.

With Husqvarna, the robotic lawn mowers that they specialize in aren’t the lower-budget models that you can find pretty easily. Instead of that, Husqvarna specializes in robotic lawn mowers that are expensive, but exceptionally powerful and useful.

Most of the Husqvarna robotic lawn mowers are expensive, but they make up for that cost in sheer mowing power, and their ability to mow in whatever way you desire.

You have a lot of choices, with these robotic lawn mowers, and a lot of opportunities to tailor the experience in the exact way that you desire it.

If you want a lot of choices, and the ability to tailor the overall experience to whatever you desire/need, then a Husqvarna robot lawn mower isn’t a bad choice.

Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mower

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What Does Worx Offer?

Worx is a considerably younger company than Husqvarna, and they have a much smaller product line, as well. However, this definitely isn’t a bad thing, since Worx is simply targeting a different set of people with their robotic lawn mowers.

Worx vs Robomow vs Husqvarna

Most of the Worx robot lawn mowers are powerful, and they are very efficient when working with smaller lawns, and lawns that aren’t quite as dense or as thick with larger strands of grass. For those bigger lawns, a Husqvarna robotic lawn mower is a much better choice.

While Worx isn’t working on any big advancements or developments within the robotic lawn mower industry – Husqvarna is, though – they still do a very good job at creating robotic lawn mowers that serve their main purpose – mowing your lawn – effectively and efficiently.

So, if you want to save some money, and you have a smaller lawn, then a Worx robotic lawnmower may be a wise choice for you!

Worx Robot Lawn Mower

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What Does Robomow Offer?

Robomow is one of the newest robot lawn mower manufacturers, and they are also a manufacturer that works exclusively with robotic lawn mowers. They don’t manufacture any other products, and as a result of this, the robotic lawn mowers that they do manufacture are excellent but quite pricey.

Much of this price comes from the fact that these are exceptionally powerful and useful robotic vacuums. If you want something that is the best of the best, in terms of power, efficiency, battery-life, along with various other factors, then a Robomow robotic vacuum is definitely one of the best choices.

Robomow vs Husqvarna vs Worx

Most people are dissuaded by the price, though, which is very understandable. That is one of the downsides of a Robomow vacuum.

Nevertheless, Robomow is working within the robot lawn mower industry and creating some exceptionally powerful robotic lawn mowers, and transforming the standard designs in innovative and unique ways!

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