ILIFE W400 Floor Washing Robot Review

Today’s market is dominated by all kinds of unique and efficient technologies. Technologies that are growing and developing at a very rapid pace, and allowing all kinds of new technologies, technologies that serve as subsets within those pre-existing technologies, to be developed, as well. Each one of these new technologies is making our lives significantly easier, and giving us more time to do the things we want to do, by taking tasks that are rather tedious and annoying, and developing ways of performing those tasks in a much less time-consuming manner.

Robotics technology is one example of this. Just two decades ago, the technology behind robotics, especially when it came to consumer products, was very limited. There wasn’t a lot that was available, at that point, so most people were unable to reap the benefits of the technology.

ILIFE W400 Review

Today, robotics technology is widely available, in all kinds of different forms. You can find robotic window washers, robotic vacuum cleaners, and robotic floor washers. Each one of these devices automates that entire cleaning process, giving you a lot more time to spend on the things that are genuinely important to you.

We’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the ILIFE W400 Floor Washing Robot, and you’re going to learn all about what this device does, and how it makes things easier for you.

ILIFE W400 Floor Washing Robot

What Does The ILIFE W400 Floor Washing Robot Offer?

From a design perspective, the ILIFE W400 Floor Washing Robot looks a lot like a robot vacuum cleaner. And, that makes sense, because the two devices are very similar, when it comes to their basic function, and when it comes to how they fulfill that basic function, and the things they do to fulfill it.

You’ll notice that the device has a circular shape. On top of the device, there are various buttons. These buttons correspond to the different cleaning modes. When you pick it, you’ll realize it’s a lighter device, weighing only ten pounds.

Just as with robot vacuum cleaners, the ILIFE W400 uses various sensors. Each one of these sensors is designed to tell the ILIFE W400 where it is, what surrounds it, and where it needs to go. All of this data allows the device to move around, on its own, without your direct input. Instead of the device crashing into random obstacles, the ILIFE W400 senses those obstacles, and where they are so that it can then devise a path around those obstacles.


When it comes to accessing the different cleaning modes, you can either press buttons that are on the top of the ILIFE W400, or you can use a small remote control.

Path Mode is a very popular cleaning mode, and you use this cleaning mode to cover a single, much larger, space, in a thorough manner. And then, there is Area Mode, which cleans a smaller area that you designate, in an equally thorough and efficient manner. Spot Mode uses a spiral movement pattern on a very small space, and most people use this mode for stains. Finally, the last cleaning mode is Edge Mode, and Edge Mode is for the different corners and edges of a room.

ILIFE W400 Robot Vacuum

As for how the ILIFE W400 cleans, it uses water and a strong and thick brush that is on the bottom of the ILIFE W400. Using the water, your floor becomes wet, and this loosens up all of the dirt and dust, as well as the stains, that are on your floor. Then, the brush moves across the floors, that are now wet, and wipes up all of that dirt and dust, and displaces some of it into a dirt box that is near the back of the device. This dirt box can hold a total of 0.6 liters.

In terms of efficiency, the ILIFE W400 is a very efficient floor washing robot, because the brush that it uses is nice and strong. As a result of this, it can make quick work of most stains. But, the battery-life is eighty-minutes. Having a nice, long battery-life is extremely nice, and makes the whole process a lot easier since you won’t have to clean for a little bit recharge, clean some more, and then recharge again.

ILIFE W400 Mop Robot


If you’re on the market for a well-designed, efficient, and relatively inexpensive floor washing robot, then the ILIFE W400 is a great choice! It’s a great little device that cleans any hard floor with precision and efficiency!

ILIFE W400 Mopping Robot Review

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