Today, we’re going to be looking at an air purifier from a less popular, but very good, air purifier manufacturer known as “Inofia”. While certainly not the most well known or popular manufacturer, Inofia has manufactured a wide variety of excellent products. From mattresses to air purifiers, the products that they manufacture are fantastic.

Inofia Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter Review

We’re going to be taking a look at the air purifier, and all of the unique features and attributes that it offers. By the end of this article, you will know whether or not this is the right air purifier for you!

What Does The Inofia Air Purifier Offer?

Let’s start with the basics. From a design perspective, the Inofia Air Purifier emphasizes simplicity and clarity, above all else. Much of this is seen in the general aesthetic of the air purifier, as well as the layout of the different buttons and features. There isn’t any confusion or oddities when it comes to the layout or the general sense of clarity and precision that underlines the design of this air purifier. You won’t have any problems figuring out what the air purifier does, how to use it, or where to put it since it isn’t that large of a device.

Inofia Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter

Every air purifier has what’s known as a “MAC”, or “Maximum Area Coverage”, and the MAC denotes the maximum amount of space that a device, such as an air purifier, can cover. With the Inofia Air Purifier, you can cover a maximum of 1,056 square feet. Now, for an inexpensive air purifier such as this one, that’s a great deal of space! This means you can purify a living room, a big bedroom, and even an apartment of relatively decent size.

Wi-Fi Air Purifier

This air purifier has Wi-Fi functionality. This is not something you see in most air purifiers, especially not ones that are this inexpensive. With the Wi-Fi functionality, you can download an app for your smartphone, and then this app is used to control the air purifier. You can control the air purification settings, such as the speed and intensity of the air purification, as well as the timer for the air purifier, and even telling the air purifier to turn on, or off. All from your smartphone, even if your miles away from the physical unit. With this feature, the entire process of actually using your air purifier has been drastically streamlined and simplified, and that makes things far easier.

Inofia Air Purifier

Along with that, you don’t have to adjust anything manually. Instead, there is a “Smart Air Monitoring System” that uses a wide variety of sensors to detect the quality of your air, at any given time, and then these sensors feed that data back into the Inofia Air Purifier. From that data, the unit then alters the settings of the air purifier, to accommodate the air quality.

Of course, none of these things would be particularly special, or important, if the air purifier itself wasn’t very good at, well, purifying the air in your home. Fortunately, the air purifier excels at doing just that, and this is because it is equipped with a variety of filters that make the process efficient.

Two filters are used. The first is an activated carbon filter. Now, this filter is quite useful because it does two things. When air goes through it, if that air has particles that make up odors and nasty stenches, they are eradicated. This means if you have a smelly home, this is a great filter to have.


Now, the second filter is a standard HEPA-filter, and this is a very basic filter that is also very useful, even though it is basic. You see, the phrase “HEPA” stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air”. With this filter, all of the smaller particles, such as germs and allergens, flow into this filter, and they are filtered out through a simple, but effective filtration process.

All of these filters are part of the same main filter, to save space and make the process quicker and more convenient.

Inofia Air Purifier Review


If you are on the market for an effective and inexpensive air purifier, then you cannot go wrong with the Inofia Air Purifier! It is easily one of the best air purifiers on the market, and having Wi-Fi functionality makes things so easy!

Inofia Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter Review

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