Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Pool Review [26701EH/26725EH]

We are taking a look at the Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Pool. There are two variations of this product – one of them is larger – and you are going to learn about these variations and what they offer. That way, when you are finished reading this review, you will know which pool is right for you.

Intex 15 Foot x 42 Inch Prism Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set Review

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Extremely Easy To Set-Up

Most above ground pools, it must be said, are difficult to set-up. Most of them simply aren’t designed in a manner that allows for an easy and pleasant set-up process. But, that’s what makes this above ground pool extra special; it’s extremely easy to set-up.

Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool Set Review
Intex 15 Foot x 42 Inch Prism

Within the box it comes in, you won’t find an excess of components. Instead, there are only a few components, and they’re all very self-explanatory. Plus, due to the design of these components, there is no need for you to use any tools. That way, the entire set-up process is as convenient and easy as it can be.

The most difficult part of the set-up process is assembling the frame. But, fortunately, the frame doesn’t consist of very many components, so this doesn’t take that much time. And then, using your hose, you can begin to fill the swimming pool with water. Through the use of the included filter, that water will be filtered, moving in and out of the pool repeatedly.

In total, it only takes around thirty-minutes for you to completely set-up this above ground pool. Because of this, if you are looking for an above ground swimming pool that offers convenience, then this one is a fantastic purchase.

Very Nice Size

Two variations of this swimming pool exist. One of these variations is, in total, 15-feet by 42-inches. But, the second variation is 15-feet by 48-inches. While these two variations may not appear to be that different, the size difference does lead to a slightly unique swimming experience.

Intex 26725EH Prism Frame Set Above Ground Pool Review
Intex 26725EH

Regardless of which variation that you choose, though, you’ll have access to a nice, large swimming pool. Both variations of the swimming pool contain more than enough space for up to five-to-six people. Plus, even if six-people are in the swimming pool, there’s still enough space for you to move around and to swim from one end of the pool to another.

Made Of Durable Materials

Most of the durability this swimming pool offers comes from its frame. The frame that this above ground pool relies on is made of steel tubing. Steel tubing is exceptionally strong and, because this swimming pool uses it, the frame of this swimming pool is quite durable. But, to make the frame even stronger, every piece of steel tubing is powder-coated. This powder-coating ensures that the frame won’t rust or decay, as it comes into contact with water.

Intex 15 Foot x 42 Inch Prism Frame Review
Intex 15 Foot x 42 Inch Prism

All across the frame, there is a strong and stylish liner material. This liner is UV stabilized and made of polymer. It may not look particularly durable, but it is. By having this liner, the frame is protected from the water and the sun. But, along with that, the pool is much more comfortable to swim in, due to the soft texture of the liner’s material.

Includes Everything You Need

Within the box this swimming pool comes in, you will find everything that you need. More specifically, you will find a cartridge filter pump, removable ladder, debris cover, as well as a ground cloth. And, of course, you will find the swimming pool itself, which requires no extra tools to assemble and set-up.

Intex Prism Frame Set Above Ground Pool Review
Intex 26725EH

With the cartridge filter pump, water is able to circulate in and out of the swimming pool, constantly being cleaned. By having the removable ladder, you can get into the swimming pool much more easily, since it’s a little tall. The debris cover allows you to cover the pool, when it’s not in use, so that debris doesn’t fall into it. With the ground cloth, you are able to set the pool down on the ground, and it’s protected from the roughness of the ground.

Should You Purchase The 26701EH Or The 26725EH?

If you would like a smaller swimming pool, then the Intex 26701EH is a great choice. But, if you want a swimming pool that is nice and large, then the Intex 26725EH is the right choice.

Conclusion: Fantastic Swimming Pool

In the end, the Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Pool is a fantastic swimming pool. Regardless of which variation you purchase, you will have an excellent time swimming in this pool!

Intex 26725EH Above Ground Pool Review

Above Ground Pool Review

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