iSpring vs. APEC 6-Stage Water Filter Systems

iSpring vs. APEC 6-Stage Water Filter Systems
Today we will set about comparing and contrasting the iSpring 6-Stage and APEC 6-Stage Water Filtration Systems. Having clean, safe drinking water is of the utmost importance, so if you’re in the market to take your regular tap water to the next level, read on. We’ll discuss which might most suit your needs.

iSpring vs. APEC 6-Stage Water Filter Systems

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The iSpring

This intuitive filtration unit has a unique multimedia pre-filter system that works to remove harmful pollutants in your drinking water.

A powerful 6-stage clean

Many water filtration units have only a 5 stage filtration system, but the iSpring boasts 6. The heart of this filtration unit is the 3 tier pre filtration setup as well as the reverse osmosis filter, which removes upwards of 1000 contaminants in a single cycle.

The pre-filtration filter consists of sediment, a granular activated carbon filter, and then a ‘chlorine, taste, and odor’ filter. These together comprise the 2nd and 3rd stages of the filtration process. The 4th and 5th stage are reverse osmosis and a secondary carbon filter to filter any molecular leftovers out, letting only water get through. The 6th and final stage is a pH filter, which adds helpful minerals like magnesium.

Easy assembly

Everything you could need during assembly is included with the unit. An easy DIY project for most. The filters are standard sized and easy to find and replace when needed. The system fits under most sinks.

Not only do you have installation guides, but you can also take advantage of iSpring’s online tutorial videos. If you need extra support, you can contact iSpring’s renowned USA based support team.

Aesthetic and taste

The slick, modern european inspired faucet design is made of brass, and will blend in with most kitchen decor.

Most water that has undergone the reverse osmosis process tastes almost too clean, to the point of artificial taste. The remineralization process allows for not only health benefits, but a more natural and pleasant taste.


With the APEC comes a sophisticated, premium water filter that boasts long lasting filters and a powerful TDI capacity of up to 2000 ppm.

High GPD capacity

The APEC has an impressive gallon-per-day count of 75, which is more than enough for the modern day family’s water consumption. It does that all while removing harmful contaminants like nitrate, arsenic, VOC’s, odor, and other chemicals. This is done in part with high quality, large carbon blocks that are designed to maximize reduction of pollutants while prolonging the life of the filters.

Longevity with reputation

Don’t worry about having to replace your filters often, they’re built to be long lasting and to keep your filtration system as pure as possible for as long as possible. The system is built in the USA and is the number one rated brand in the country.

Pure, alkaline water

Many filtration systems claim to ‘remineralize’ the water. Citing that the reverse osmosis process eliminates what would be beneficial minerals for the human body. Which is true, it does eliminate everything, but this includes all of those harmful chemicals. However, the 6th stage of the APEC’s filtration process alkalizes the water with calcium carbonate, which offers a more natural taste without actually adding anything unknown.

Comparing and Contrasting


Both of these units follow a similar 6-stage filtration process. Both are easy to install, with sleek, European style faucets that would compliment most modern kitchen decor. As well, both share an impressive 75 gallon per day capacity.


Both offer warranties, but iSpring’s the lesser of the two filters with 1 year and APEC with a more generous 2 years. The APEC also comes in first with capabilities to remove up to 2000 ppm and the iSpring up to 750. The APEC also has higher incoming water pressure capabilities at up to 85 PSI and the iSpring offers up to 70.


Both of these filters are excellent options if you’re looking to have pure, safe drinking water with nearly all of its ‘total dissolved solids’ removed. Both are aesthetically pleasing with European style faucet design in colors that will complement any modern kitchen.

When it comes down to it, you have to decide if you actually want beneficial TDI’s like magnesium added back into your water after it’s gone through the reverse osmosis process. It’s also important to bear in mind that tap water TDI’s aren’t necessarily bad. If you don’t mind some being added back, go with the iSpring.

If you want just no-nonsense water with next to no TDI’s leftover, simply alkalized with calcium carbonate, then the APEC is for you.


iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Water Filter System

APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Water Filter System

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