JuiceBox 40 Next Generation Smart Electric Vehicle Review

Those of you who’ve invested in an electric vehicle know that it’s important to have the right equipment to get it charged up quickly, efficiently and easily as possible. Keeping your electric vehicle fully charged can be a nightmare, but we may have found just the right charger for you that has both ingenuity and speed, to keep you on the road for longer.

JuiceBox 40 Charging Station


With a number of incredible benefits, the JuiceBox 40 Next Gen EV charger could be a game changer when it comes to keeping your electric vehicle running at its best, so let’s take a look just what this bestseller has to offer.

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Product size and weight

With a size of 5.3 x 6.8 x 18.5 inches, the JuiceBox fits snugly onto your garage wall or outside on your driveway. It’s the perfect size to be kept out of the way, and at 19.15lbs, you won’t be struggling unnecessarily with too heavy equipment.

JuiceBox 40 Charging Station Review
JuiceBox 40

As with most EV chargers, you’ll need to call in an electrician to fit the JuiceBox safely in your desired spot, so there’s no heavy lifting on your part either.

JuiceBox benefits

The JuiceBox is a versatile and accessible piece of equipment: perfect for everyone. With its 25 feet of cable, you’ve got the freedom to have it installed wherever you please, and with its convenient cable rack, you won’t be left worried about left behind mess or trip hazards. The cable rack also comes complete with a nifty safety lock, to ensure your cable is always under lock and key.

If you’re looking for quicker charge up time, look no further.

JuiceBox 40 EV Charging Station
JuiceBox 40

The JuiceBox 40 is best known for charging vehicles up to 7 times faster than other leading EV charger brands. With its dynamic LED lights too, you’ll always know exactly how much charge your vehicle has which means that you can get back to the things that really matter, such as beautiful car for a spin.

The future of EV charging is here. With the J1772 plug, you’re ensured full compatibility with all EV models, including Tesla, which only requires one further Tesla-provided adapter.

That’s not all though, because with the JuiceBox 40, you can even share charging load amongst two or more chargers, without the need for additional circuits.

Wi-Fi connectability

In today’s world, what is a gadget without its compatible app? Much like its predecessors, the JuiceBox 40 is Wi-fi compatible and includes its very own, easy to navigate app to make life that little bit easier.

With the smartphone app, you can take control of everything. Start and end charging sessions remotely, to avoid an unexpected empty battery or to prevent over-charging, and monitor energy consumption closely to keep your costs down.

JuiceBox 40
JuiceBox 40

You can also conveniently set your JuiceBox to charge only during times where electricity rates are low, in order to really get the best value for money and even set reminders to plug your vehicle into the JuiceBox at your desired time, as well as get notified as soon as your vehicle has been fully charged. Compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant too, ensure that the possibilities are endless.


The JuiceBox 40 Next Generation is clearly a fantastic piece of equipment that will ensure that your electric vehicle is fully powered and ready to tackle some miles.

The incredible speed in which this charger can charge vehicle from low to full makes it its unique selling point. There are few other EV chargers out on the market right now that could make that kind of impact. The JuiceBox 40 Next Generation goes above and beyond though in this situation.

You’ll love its easy, safe, and compact storage solution that can be kept out of sight and out of mind when not in use, and the versatility that its extra-long cable gives means that you can charge up from almost anywhere, and even share your supply with others.

Finally, its intelligent and fully customizable smartphone app settings ensure that you’ll never be too far from a full charge, leaving you free to take off in your vehicle whenever you please.

The JuiceBox 40 Next Generation is a great product, with plenty of functions to get excited about.

JuiceBox 40 Next Generation

JuiceBox 40 Review

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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