Kenmore DU2012 AllergenSeal Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

For a great bagless upright vacuum, you cannot go wrong with the Kenmore DU2012. By reading this review, you will learn if this upright vacuum offers what you are looking for.

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Fantastic Design

Right away, the first thing you will notice about this vacuum is its design.

The design is fantastic.

Just on an aesthetic level, this vacuum looks great.

A nice mixture of green and silver. A simple, concise design that highlights all of the important buttons and features. A compilation of aesthetically pleasing shapes.

All of these aesthetic traits come together to create a vacuum that looks excellent.

Of course, you aren’t purchasing a vacuum for aesthetics.

Rather, you are purchasing a vacuum for the cleaning capabilities that it offers.

But, the design of a vacuum plays a big part in giving you these capabilities.

This vacuum is no different.

Since this vacuum weighs just under 14-pounds, you can move it around with ease.

You can move this vacuum into tight, narrow spaces, as well as large, wide spaces.

To go along with that, this vacuum offers a swivel steering feature.

You can use this swivel steering feature to move the vacuum with greater ease.

All of these unique design features come together, to create a pleasant, enjoyable, and effective vacuuming process.


Just as the name of this vacuum implies, there is no bag.

Rather, this vacuum offers a completely bagless design.

Since this is the case, all of the dirt, dust, debris, and hair you vacuum is thrown into a large container.

You can remove this container from the vacuum. Once you do so, you can then take the container and empty its contents into the garbage.

Right after that, just attach the container to the vacuum. And that’s it.

A bagless design ensures that you won’t have to spend money on extra bags or bag refills. That way, you’ll save money.

Useful Filter System

One of the nice features most bagged vacuums offer is filtration.

A bagged vacuum can contain the germs and allergens being vacuumed. That way, they don’t flow out of the vacuum.

But, this bagless vacuum goes one further and uses a fantastic HEPA-AllergenSeal System.

The system traps around 99.7% of the dust and dander that flows into the vacuum.

By doing so, your space is filled with considerably less allergens and pollutants.

All of this is fantastic if you suffer from allergies, or simply want to clear up the air in your space.

Powerful & Efficient

The power and efficiency this vacuum offers is significant.

Rather than relying on just one motor, this upright vacuum relies on two motors.

Both of these motors work together to generate a tremendous amount of suction power.

You can use all of this suction power to thoroughly remove dirt, dust, debris, and hair from soft and hard surfaces of all sorts.

Regardless of the surface you need to clean, this vacuum offers the suction power that is necessary.

To go along with that, this vacuum also offers a suction control feature.

You can adjust the amount of suction this vacuum is generating.

That way, if you want this vacuum to use more suction, for a particular surface, you can do so. And the same goes for surfaces that require less suction.

Since these features are in-place, you have complete control over the entire vacuuming process.

Conclusion: One Of The Best Upright Vacuums

In the end, if you are looking for a great upright vacuum, the Kenmore DU2012 is one of the best upright vacuums that you can buy.

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