KRAUS KHU100 vs. KHU101 vs. KWU111 Steel Sinks

If you are looking for a new steel sink, then you are at the right place. By reading this buying guide, you are going to learn about three of the best steel sinks on the market. That way, when you’re done reading this guide, you will know which of these three steel sinks is right for you.

Kraus KWU111-17
Kraus KWU111-17

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What Does The KRAUS KHU100-32-1610-53CH Offer?

To begin this buying guide, we have the KRAUS KHU100-32-1610-53CH. When you purchase this steel sink, you aren’t just getting a sink. Instead, you are getting a sink, faucet, drain, strainer, and a soap dispenser. By having all three of these things, you have access to all of the extra components that you will need.

KRAUS KHU100-32-1610-53CH
KRAUS KHU100-32-1610-53CH

Out of the three steel sinks that we’re going to look at in this guide, this one is the largest. It is, in total, 32-inches long, 19-inches wide, and 10-inches in diameter. As a result of these measurements, this is a large steel sink that is great for a larger kitchen. But, if you have a smaller kitchen, or a smaller space for a sink, then this steel sink may not be the best purchase for you.

The faucet is very well-designed. It is, in total, 18-inches tall. You can easily take it out of a small holder that is attached to the sink, and move the faucet around. That way, the entirety of your sink can be sprayed with water, and you have greater flexibility. Within the faucet, there is a water-saving aerator, which ensures that as little water as possible is wasted.

KRAUS KHU100-32-1610-53CH Set Steel Sink
KRAUS KHU100-32-1610-53CH

Every single section of this sink is covered in wear-resistant sink finish. By being covered in this finish, the sink will never rust or corrode. Plus, it’s quite a bit easier to clean.

In the end, if you are on the market for a high-quality sink that, of course, isn’t just a sink, then the KRAUS KHU100-32-1610-53CH is a great purchase!

KRAUS KHU100-32-1610-53CH Steel Sink Review

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What Does The Kraus KHU101-14 Standart Offer?

From Kraus, once again, we have the Kraus KHU101-14 Standart. When you purchase this steel sink, you get the sink, a drain assembly, a kitchen towel, as well as the tools and materials that you need to properly install this sink. By having access to these components, the entire process of setting up this sink is extremely easy. But, if you don’t have a faucet that you’re going to use, then you will need to buy one.

Kraus KHU101-14 Standart PRO
Kraus KHU101-14

As for the measurements this steel sink offers, they are as follows; 14-inches in length, 18-inches in width, and 8-inches in diameter. Because of these measurements, this isn’t the best steel sink for a large kitchen, but it’s perfect for a smaller kitchen.

One of the most notable qualities this steel sink offers is its design. Because of this design, the entire process of setting up this sink is extremely easy. Plus, as mentioned, Kraus includes everything that you need. The undermount design is also useful, as it ensures the countertop and sink are even, making it easy to wipe crumbs and gunk straight into the sink.

Kraus KHU101-14 Steel Sink
Kraus KHU101-14

The entirety of the sink is made from durable and dent-resistant stainless steel. By being made of stainless steel, it is one of the strongest and most durable sinks on the market. The durability that it offers ensures that it lasts for many years, and that it won’t ever dent or break down due to mild wear-and-tear.

Ultimately, if you need a small steel sink that is very easy-to-install and exceptionally durable, then the Kraus KHU101-14 Standart is a fantastic purchase!

Kraus KHU101-14 Standart PRO Steel Sink Review

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What Does The Kraus KWU111-17 Offer?

To end this buying guide, we have the Kraus KWU111-17. What sets this steel sink apart from the others in this guide, is the fact that it’s a workstation and a sink. Since it’s a workstation, you can easily place items such as a cutting board or a rolling mat across the top of the sink, and then you can perform various kitchen-related tasks on those items. This steel sink comes with a bamboo cutting board, which allows you to perform that task.

Kraus KWU111-17 Kore Steel Sink
Kraus KWU111-17

Beyond that, this steel sink is 17-inches long, 19-inches wide, and 10.5-inches in diameter. For smaller and medium-sized kitchens, this steel sink is absolutely perfect. Plus, since it can be used as a workstation, it’s an excellent choice for kitchens where there isn’t a lot of countertop space.

At the end of the day, the Kraus KWU111-17 is an excellent steel sink. If you need something that is durable, very functional, and extremely useful, then this is a fantastic steel sink to purchase!

Kraus KWU111-17 Kore Steel Sink Review

Kraus Steel Sinks Review

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