In today’s world, there is a great deal of emphasis being placed on technologies that are “Smart”. Now, the word “Smart” means a few different things, within this context, but the main thing that the word “Smart” refers to is the ability for you to automate the technology that you are using, and to connect it to other technologies, as well.

LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier Review (LV-PUR131S Model)

Many technologies are integrating all kinds of “Smart” features, including air purifiers. Today, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier. This is one of LEVOIT’s best air purifiers, and you’re going to learn all about why it is such a great air purifier, and the features and attributes that separate it from the other air purifiers on the market.

What Does The Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier Offer?

We’re going to start right off with the basics. You see, the Levoit Smart WiFi Air Purifier is, as the title would suggest, capable of connecting to other devices through WiFi. And, this means a few things, but the main thing that it means is that you can connect to this air purifier using your phone, through the use of an app that Levoit has developed. Using this app, you can connect to the air purifier at any time, and at any place – even if you are miles away, in a different state – and you can access the different features that this air purifier offers.

LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier Review

With the app, you can change the fan speeds of the air purifier, making the purification process faster, or a bit slower, and you can turn the air purifier on or off, turn the LED display on or off, and create different schedules for the air purifier. All of these features make the entire experience very easy and convenient, and that is one of the primary things that the LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier truly excels at.

When using the air purifier, you have access to a couple of different purification modes. In terms of fan speeds, you have Low, Medium, and High, which are all very basic modes. But, you also have Auto Mode, which is a mode that uses the sensors built into the air purifier to detect the quality of your air, and then from the information that the sensors are producing, the air purifier adjusts itself to accommodate the current quality of your air. This is a really useful mode to have, because it makes the entire process far more “hands-off” enabling you to turn on Auto Mode simply and to do other things, without worrying if the air purification settings that you have selected are good enough for the quality of your air.

LEVOIT Smart Review

There is one more purification mode that you have access to, as well. And that purification mode is “Sleep Mode”. Sleep Mode is a mode that turns the fan speeds down to the lowest that they can go, while still purifying your home.

Before we dive into the different filtration mechanisms that the LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier offers, there is one thing we need to mention.

You see, the LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier isn’t a particularly large air purifier, although it is a very powerful One. And, as a result of this, you have a somewhat limited MAC. Now, the phrase “MAC” stands for “Maximum Area Coverage”, and this refers to the maximum amount of space that the air purifier can cover. For the LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier, you can cover a total of 322 square feet. Anything more than that and you may run into some issues with performance, simply because the air purifier isn’t designed to cover particularly large spaces.

Now, as for the filtration mechanisms that are in place, you have three filtration mechanisms that form the entire process, and this process is very powerful.

LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier

First, is the Pre-Filter. With the Pre-Filter, all of the larger particles go through this filter, and this prevents them from clogging the other filters, while also ensuring that those particles are accounted for.

Second, you have the True HEPA filter, and with the True HEPA filter, all of the really small, but annoying and pesky, particles, such as germs and allergens, flow through this filter and then they are removed from your air.

LEVOIT LV-PUR131S Air Purifier

Third, you have the Activated Carbon Filter, which is used to remove odors and nasty stenches.


If you want an air purifier that comes with a variety of unique and powerful settings, a great filtration system, and loads of excellent Smart features, then the LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier is a great choice!

LEVOIT LV-PUR131S Smart WiFi Air Purifier Review

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