Magnum MS2012 vs MS2812 Inverter Charger

In this quick buying guide, we are taking a look at two Inverter Chargers. To start off, we are looking at the Magnum MS2012. Right after that, we’re going to be looking at the Magnum MS2812 Inverter Charger. By the time you’re finished reading this guide, you’ll know which of these two Inverter Chargers is right for you.

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What Does The Magnum MS2012 Inverter Charger Have To Offer?

The Magnum MS2012 Inverter Charger is smaller and lighter than many other inverter chargers. It weighs only 47-pounds, and the design is rather compact. As such, it isn’t that difficult for you to set up this inverter charger. If you are going to be setting it up in certain spaces, though, then mounting may be required, so keep that in mind.

Magnum MS2012
Magnum MS2012

On the front of this inverter charger, all of the different functions, settings, and ports are clearly outlined. It isn’t very difficult to see what does what or how the different functions and settings work. That way, you can easily access what this inverter charger offers, and tailor the entire process to your needs. Plus, Magnum has also included a remote that you can use to access this inverter chargers functions.

When it comes to the power that this inverter charger offers, it offers quite a bit. More specifically, while using this inverter charger you have access to 2000 Watts of power and a 12 Volt/100 Amp charger. If you make use of this power, you will find that powering things like RVs and marine equipment is very easy. But, if you intend to power more heavy-duty machines – a large RV, for example – the experience might not be as easy.

Magnum MS2012 Review
Magnum MS2012

While using this inverter charger, there is an LED power indicator that you have access to. By using this LED power indicator, you always know just how much power is being used and just how much power is being produced. Because of that, there will never be any uncertainty with regards to what the machine is doing.

Ultimately, the Magnum MS2012 Inverter Charger is a great inverter charger. It works very well for powering machines such as RVs and marine equipment. But, it isn’t ideal for especially large and power-hungry machines. If you need to power machines of that nature, then the Magnum MS2812 Inverter Charger may be a better choice…

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What Does The Magnum MS2812 Inverter Charger Have To Offer?

When you first take the Magnum MS2812 Inverter Charger out of the box, you’ll notice that it’s compact, even though it isn’t that small – it’s also quite heavy. It isn’t that large, though, and the design is compact, which makes it easy for you to set-up the inverter charger in a variety of different spaces and areas. But, to properly set it up, you will need to mount it.

Magnum MS2812
Magnum MS2812

To go along with the ease that the small form-factor offers, this inverter charger has a very clean and neat design. Every little feature, setting, and port is labeled and delineated in a manner that makes sense. As such, using this inverter charger is quite easy, and it is very unlikely that you’ll have any problems with it, when it comes to the ease-of-use this machine offers.

While using this inverter charger, you have access to 2800 Watts of power. By harnessing this power, you can easily run a large and elaborate RV or some powerful marine equipment – among many other things.

If you are using the charger, then you have access to 12-Volts/125 Amps of power. By using this power, you can also, quite easily, charge a variety of different systems and machines. If you have an RV or marine equipment that needs to be powered and charged, then this is a great inverter charger to use.

Magnum MS2812 Review
Magnum MS2812

When this inverter charger is running, you’ll notice that it makes far less noise than most of the other inverter chargers on the market. Instead of making that loud humming noise that most of the machines make, this inverter charger is nice and quiet. That way, you can run it for longer periods of time, and it won’t become too annoying.

Ultimately, the Magnum MS2812 Inverter Charger is an excellent inverter charger. It is strong and durable, very easy-to-use, and it offers a tremendous amount of power. If that is what you are looking for – and you don’t mind having to pay a somewhat high price – then this is an excellent machine to purchase and it will serve you extremely well.

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