Medify MA-35 Air Purifier Review

For a good air purifier, you cannot go wrong with the Medify MA-35 Air Purifier. By reading this review, you will learn if this air purifier offers what you are looking for.

Medify MA-35 Air Purifier Review

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A Wall-Mount Design

Just as the name of this section implies, the air purifier possesses a wall-mount design.

For you to use this air purifier, you must mount the device to the wall.

By doing so, you can then activate the air purifier, allowing it to perform a number of functions that ensure the air in your space is thoroughly purified.

For the most part, mounting this air purifier to your wall is not particularly challenging.

Rather, the instructions are clear, and the process won’t take too long.

But, even so, if you aren’t particularly handy, having someone who is handy to help you out may be the wisest choice.

Even if you aren’t, though, the process is fairly easy, and Medify gives you a wonderful instruction guide that walks you through the entire process.

Sleek, Clean, Elegant

Beyond the wall-mount nature of this air purifier’s design, the other aesthetic qualities and facets are excellent in their own way.

Every feature, function, and setting is outlined/delineated with precision, clarity, and elegance.

You will not be uncertain as to what does what, or how the air purifier works.

Furthermore, the control panel on the right side of the air purifier is beautifully designed.

You can glance at this panel for a moment, and in doing so, you will know which features and settings this air purifier offers, while also knowing how to access those features and settings.

Useful Control Panel

The control panel on the right-side of this air purifier is, as mentioned, beautifully designed.

Beyond aesthetics and functionality, this control panel gives you easy access to a number of valuable data points.

Some of these data points include the current air quality in your space, the speed of the air purifier, as well as the amount of time the air purifier will be running for.

Each one of these data points gives you a greater understanding of what the air purifier is currently doing, while also letting you understand the air quality in your space.

Designed For Large Spaces

The Maximum Area Coverage of this air purifier is 640 square-feet.

You can use this air purifier to purify spaces as large as 640 square-feet.

What’s more, you can use this air purifier to purify spaces of that size in just 30-minutes.

Every 30-minutes this air purifier runs for, 640 square-feet of space will be thoroughly purified.

All of the purified air will flow back into that space, over and over again, ensuring that the air in your space is as clean as it can possibly be.

Fantastic Filter

The Mediy MA-35 Air Purifier relies on a high-grade H13 HEPA Filter.

As air flows through this filter, all of the germs, allergens, and pollutants are removed.

Pollen, dander, dust, VOCs, bad odors – and many others – are cleansed from your air.

All of the clean air is thrown back into your space, with the nasty particles completely removed.

The efficiency of this filter, along with the versatility that the filter offers, ensure that the air in your space is cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

Many air purifiers offer similar levels of air purification, but not quite to the same extent. Because of this, if you want pure efficiency, this is a fantastic air purifier to own.


In the end, if you need a fantastic air purifier, the Medify MA-35 Air Purifier is a wonderful purchase!

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