Misa Pink Next Generation KidSafe Family Robot Review

The mind-blowing Misa next generation Kidsafe certified Programmable family Robot, is changing how education has forever looked.

In the past education and companionship came in the form of chalk boards and the physical person. Nowadays, you can find education and

companionship in the form of Internet and modern technologies. One of the break-throughs in technology, was the invention of Robots.

I will be looking into the Misa Robot, which is a Kidsafe certified programmable family robot, a multi-function smart home educational walking robot toy, a STEM smart learning companion, and a multi- lingual personal assistant.

Features of the Misa Robot

The Misa can hear, and speak, and can understand different languages, such as English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and many more, making for a great educational robot, that can interact with people and teach language. The Misa robot can help you practice a different language, by being a companion and communicating with you, helping you learn to speak another language.

The Misa robot has four wheels and plethora sensors, allowing it to move around easily and allowing it to avoid obstacles in the way, allowing it to be self-efficient.

Remote Management
You can access your Misa robot with the Misa connect App, allowing you to move your robot around, set alarms, make video calls, and numerous other capabilities.

Personal Assistant
Misa can become your very own personal assistant because you can ask your Misa a question, and the robot will get to work on an answer for you.

Incredible Technology
Misa robots has great technology, consisting of a processor that detects speech, a touch screen that is the robots face, speakers for sound delivery, microphones that help the robot locate sounds, a drive system

that allows the robot to interact with its surroundings, and a pressure sensor that allows Misa to respond to human touch. If this is not mind- blowing innovation, then I do not know what is!

Who should buy a Misa Robot
The Misa Robot is a great gift to purchase for children, as it is very toy- like, however it is still very educational and can introduce children to math, science, art, technology, and coding to enhance problem-solving skills, academic skills, and critical thinking skills. This product will keep

kids busy for hours as children can watch kid-friendly and parent- approved videos. It is suitable for children of all ages.

Families who enjoy fun activities together and love music, can use the Misa Karaoke option and sing songs, either solo or in duet form. The robot can even take pictures of you and your family, no one has to be left out of pictures anymore.

The Misa Robot comes in two colors, either pink or blue. This robot can relate to you, being helpful in ways that humans cannot always be.

These robots are new generation technology at its best, and can incorporate well into a family, with their many capabilities, making them feel like they are a member of you family.

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