Want to make vacuuming that little bit easier? Whilst most people nowadays are choosing to replace their old vacuums with robot vacuums that do the job for them, many of us still want that power and still enjoy the sensation of cleaning our homes.

MOOSOO Corded Stick Vacuum Review (D601)

If you’re one of those people, you should take a look at the MOOSOO Corded Stick Vacuum, which allows you to clean your home on your own terms. This simple and elegant stick vacuum gives you power and control in one hand, and can easily be turned into a hand held for those smaller jobs.

Let’s take a look at the MOOSOO, and see what all the fuss is about.

The basics

The MOOSOO stick vacuum is 17 x 12 x 7 inches in total, meaning it’s a slick and ergonomic vacuum that’s built just for you. At just 7.25lbs in weight, you get full control and maneuverability, and portability is a breeze too. Now there’s no need to worry that carrying your vacuum up and down the stairs could cause you any unnecessary harm.

MOOSOO Corded Stick Vacuum D601


With dimensions like these, it’s obvious that storing the MOOSOO after hours is easy too. In fact, it comes with its own storage mount that can be hidden away in cupboards to store your vacuum out of sight. Its incredibly lightweight body won’t cause damage to your walls, and its cord wraps up easily and fits right against the MOOSOO.

What does that vacuum have to offer?

When you invest in the MOOSOO, you get the following: the main motor, the motorized cleaning head, the docking station, two lots of HEPA filters and a number of attachment heads perfect for a range of vacuuming tasks.

The MOOSOO is a powerful vacuum, able to tackle high-traffic areas of the home, as well as dirt and debris that comes with owning a pet. That’s right, this vacuum can help pet hair and dirt melt before your very eyes, with its superior suction that doesn’t let anything escape.

MOOSOO Corded Stick Vacuum


With its flexible steering design, you’ll find moving around your home with the MOOSOO a breeze. You’ll get a full 180° sideways swivel, as well as a 90° up and down swivel, meaning that all corners of the home are under threat. The MOOSOO doesn’t leave anything behind.

On top of this, you’ll be impressed by this vacuum’s cleaner head, which includes a full-sized LED floor brush lamp, which lights up dirt and dust particles so none of them escape. Cleaning underneath beds and sofas will become a breeze, and no speck of dust will remain untouched.

Finished your cleaning route? The MOOSOO has a one-click release button that helps you transfer all waste to your bin without causing any mess along the way. This high capacity dust bin holds up to 1.2 liters of dirt, dander and debris too, and its clear plastic casing allows you to see exactly when it’s full and needs to be emptied.

MOOSOO D601 Stick Vacuum Review


What’s the filter system like?

The MOOSOO comes with a fantastic, 4 stage washable filtration system, that ensures that allergens and particles from your carpets and floors are taken care of properly.

This 4 stage filtration system is comprised of cyclone filtration, cylinder filtration, HEPA filtration and sponge filtration, which work together solidly to ensure the most superior clean for your home.

When washed once a week, this filter will last longer, and make sure that up to 99.9% of bacteria remain trapped after every single vacuuming session. These filters are perfect for getting rid of any stale odors in your home and leaving you with a breath of fresh air too.

MOOSOO Stick Vacuum Review (D601)



So, does the MOOSOO have what you’re looking for where vacuuming is concerned?

With its lightweight and portable body that easily transforms into a Handheld Vacuum, what could be better? You can easily reach every corner of your house now and ensure that all pieces of dirt, dust and dander are deleted in front of your very eyes.

With its superior suction and easy cleaning method, every home should have the MOOSOO D601 Stick Vacuum. Take vacuuming into your own hands once again and feel that power that comes with this incredible corded stick vacuum, as it takes your home from drab to fab.

MOOSOO D601 Corded Stick Vacuum

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