MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum 7kpa/12KPa Review

Handheld vacuums are great. Unlike most vacuums, handheld vacuums are nice and small, so you can easily hold them in your hand and move them around all of the tight and narrow spaces in your home.

MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum 7kpa/12KPa Review

Here’s the thing about handheld vacuums, though: since they’re quite small, they don’t always offer a lot of vacuuming power. This lack of vacuuming power can restrict your usage of the vacuum, and make it harder to clean certain kinds of messes and spaces.

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While most handheld vacuums aren’t that powerful – although, they’re still very useful – there are a couple that are not only well-designed and versatile, but also very powerful!

In this buying guide, we’re going to look at the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum, which is a very powerful handheld vacuum! It’s also well-designed, easy-to-use, and it looks nice.

When you’re finished reading this buying guide, you’re going to know all about what the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum has to offer, and whether or not it’s the right handheld vacuum for you.

What Are the Unique Features of the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum?

Immediately, you’re going to notice that the design of the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum is beautiful. It’s clear, concise, and it looks great.

MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum 7kpa/12KPa

When you pick up the vacuum and begin messing around with the settings and moving it around, you’ll quickly realize that not only is the aesthetic design lovely, but so is the usability. This is not a difficult handheld vacuum to use, and when you are using it, it feels really good. There’s nothing complex or convoluted about the design, which makes the vacuuming process quite a bit easier.

Right on the handle, there’s a switch. Using this switch, you can choose between two different suction speeds. The standard suction speed is 7Kpa, and if you need something faster and a bit more efficient, you can use 12Kpa.

Using 7Kpa will be fine for most vacuuming tasks. If you’re just vacuuming up some food crumbs, a little bit of dust, and maybe some dirt that’s on your floor, you don’t need anything more than 7Kpa.

However, if you’re dealing with a larger mess that will take a bit more time and energy, switching to 12Kpa will save you some time. It’s a far more efficient speed, and it allows dirt, dust, and small pieces of debris to flow into the handheld vacuum a lot faster.

Most handheld vacuums are very limited, when it comes to the suction speeds that they offer. Fortunately, the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum gives you more than enough suction power, and that’s fantastic!

MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum

Here is something to be aware of, though. When you are using this handheld vacuum on the 12Kpa mode, you won’t have a lot of battery-life. It will probably only be around ten-minutes or so. And, if you’re using 7Kpa mode, you’ll have around twenty-four-minutes of battery-life.

Unfortunately, the battery-life isn’t that great. It’s one of the biggest flaws of the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum. And, along with that, it takes around five-hours for you to recharge the battery.

When it comes to the overall design of the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum, it not only looks beautiful and feels good, but there are a couple of key features that make using it a very pleasant and simple experience.

With a weight of just 1.1-pounds, the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum is very easy to hold, and even easier to store. It fits in a drawer, on a shelf, in a small compartment, and plenty of other spaces.

The same is true of the charging dock. It’s a little bigger, and a little heavier, but still very easy to store. What’s also nice is that this handheld vacuum comes with a car charger. So, if you want to charge the handheld vacuum while driving, you can do that.

MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

While you are vacuuming, everything that is sucked into the machine passes through a stainless steel net cover, and then a simple HEPA-Filter. These two filtration mechanisms keep dirt and dust away from the motor, and out of your air.

When it comes time to empty everything, just press a button, and the contents of the dust container will fall into the trash.


In the end, the MOOSOO Handheld Vacuum is one of the best handheld vacuums on the market! It’s powerful, efficient, exceptionally well-designed, and it works very well!

It’s important to keep in mind, however, the fact that the battery-life isn’t great. Having a short battery-life, and a long recharge time, can be inconvenient.

MOOSOO Handheld

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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